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Resources and Slides: Ten Nonprofit Work Practices for Impact without Burnout

Happy Healthy Nonprofit

Yesterday,  Aliza Sherman and I shared some insights from our forthcoming book “The Happy Healthy Nonprofit,” a work in progress.  During the one-hour free webinar hosted by Wild Apricot, we share some ideas, got feedback, and identified additional people and organizations to interview for the book.

While our book focuses on both what individuals can do and how organization’s can support it, we wanted to share some practical tips and techniques for individuals that worked at nonprofits to get more energy for 2016!  We also set up a Facebook Group to continue the discussion on self-care for nonprofits.

Our session covered these topics:

  • Why you need to take care of yourself so your organization can deliver on its mission 
  • How to shift from a chronic state of stress to a chronic state of self-care 
  • How small changes in individual mindset and tiny habits can help your nonprofit, association or membership organization make a big, positive and sustainable impact

The Practices:

  1. Create A Self Care Bill of Rights
  2. Understand and Apply Habit Change Frameworks
  3. Get Enough Sleep
  4. Get Moving
  5. Embrace Mindfulness
  6. Manage Your Energy and Attention
  7. Integrate Tech Wellness
  8. Stop Procrastination
  9. Set Limits
  10. Create Your Self-Care Plan

Happy Healthy Nonprofit – Resources, Links, and Worksheets
Aliza Sherman:  Reflection Post
Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Individual Self-Care Checklist
Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Self-Care Plan



Self-Care and Nonprofits

Aspen Baker: The Discipline of Self Care
Nonprofit with Balls:  Your Self-Care May Be Holding You Back
Nonprofit with Balls:  7 Self-Care Tips
Mary Cahalane:  Your Work or a Life
Beth Kanter: Don’t Abuse Self-Care
University of Buffalo: Self-Care Starter Kit – Resources on Self-Care

Self-Care Bill of Rights:  Aisha Moore Example
Habit Change: Gretchen Rubin, Better than Before
Get Enough Sleep:Beth Kanter Don’t Sleep With Your Iphone
Get Moving:Beth Kanter Walking As Work
Embrace Mindfulness: Beth Kanter A Simple Way for Nonprofits To Embrace Mindfulness at Work
Embrace Mindfulness: Beth Kanter Adult Coloring Books
Managing Attention: Beth Kanter Ultradian Cycles and Managing Energy
Managing Attention:Beth Kanter  How To Train Your Attention Online
Stop Procrastination:Beth Kanter Five Methods Nonprofits Can Use To Avoid Procrastination
Integrate Tech Wellness: Aliza Sherman Integrating Tech Wellness
Integrate Tech Wellness:  Aliza Sherman  10 Easy Steps Towards Unplugging
Set Limits:Derek Sivers Hell Yeah


Do you have a story about how your nonprofit supports self-care in your organization?   We’d love to know about it.   Please take our brief survey.

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