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How Do You Celebrate Reaching 10,000 Fans on Facebook?

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This week my brand page on Facebook, Beth’s Blog Facebook Page, reached 10,000 fans when Kim Murray clicked the “like” button.      Inspired by the Humane Society celebration of reaching one million fans,  I couldn’t let benchmark go by without some commentary.    While numbers of fans isn’t the most important metric,  it is a milestone nonetheless.     My Facebook Page has been an important listening post to learn about what nonprofits are thinking and saying about social media.     My metric for success is that the dialogue inspires at least once insightful blog post per month and it has certainly over delivered.

What better to celebrate than with an interview with Kim Murray who became the 10,000th fan. .

1.   Tell us about yourself!

My name is Kim Murray. I’m a writer – currently working on a novel that explores the dangers of too much science/technology, especially in the realm of extreme religious fundamentalism. I don’t work with nonprofits currently; however I do have a project that I’m working on that will eventually (ideally) turn into one.

2.  How did you discover my FB page?

I attended a local unconference for nonprofits about two years ago with the intention of learning how I, as a blogger, could help local nonprofits… you & your blog were mentioned several times. I went home and immediately included your blog on my Google Reader, but somehow only just now got to clicking on your FB page.

3.   I noticed that you have been blogging for a couple of years.  How and why did you get started?  Any words of wisdom about blogging?

I started back in 2005, I’d graduated from college but hadn’t yet found a job. At the time, my husband was in medical school and I was going insane trying to keep myself occupied, so I started writing. I started my current blog in 2008 just after I gave birth to my first daughter. Words of wisdom about blogging? Know why you’re blogging and be real. There’s nothing uglier than a blogger with a sense of entitlement.

4.  I noticed that you had a badge to Share Our Strength on your blog.  Why is this cause important to you?

The fact that 1 in 4 children in the U.S. (the UNITED STATES !!!! – multiple exclamation point worthy) live in food insecure households just kills me! When I taught high school English, I saw first-hand the negative effects of hunger on children in school. I used to buy bags of Egg McMuffins on my way to work and, before school started, I’d hand them out to kids who stopped by my classroom.

5.  You call yourself activist, what are some causes or ideas that you are standing up for?

Just recently I’ve joined the social action campaign as a local representative. Together with Girls Inc. of San Antonio, I’m organizing the very first meeting of MissRepresentation Social Action Reps in San Antonio to help champion for change locally in the way that media portrays women.

Thanks Kim and the 9999 other folks who liked my Facebook Page.   I learn something new from you everyday!


6 Responses

  1. Marian Casey says:

    Hi Beth,
    Congratulations on reaching 10K Facebook fans. I’ve followed you for quite a few years and always find useful and inspiring information from your posts and your followers. It’s tough to manage or work for nonprofits especially in the last couple of years.
    You are a source of helpful information, support and inspiration for many of us in the nonprofit field.
    Thank you, Marian

  2. Aaron Sachs says:

    Congrats Beth to you Beth on this milestone and congrats to Kim on being the 10,000th!

    For the rest of you commenters, I am conducting thesis research for my MS at the University of Tennessee. I’d be grateful if you took a few minutes to take my survey at It should take approximately 10 minutes of your time. If you have any questions, please email me at Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out!

  3. Beth says:

    Thank so much Marian for your kind words!

  4. Kyra Millich says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you for curating the universe of information into a distilled format that we can all learn from. As the tweeter for SM4NP, I’m regularly sharing your information and learning, myself. Thank you and congratulations to a landmark well deserved! I hope to give you fodder to blog about some day soon. : )

  5. Beth says:

    Kyra – you do a terrific job of live tweeting the conferences! Thanks so much for the kind words.

  6. Clay Dunn says:

    Thank you, Kim, for your support of Share Our Strength! We appreciate it!