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Vote for Your Favorite Nonprofit Technology Conference Panels

The 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference will take place on March 17-19, 2011 in Washington, DC.   Part of what makes the NTC unique is how they involve the community in every aspect of conference planning. Community voting on the 400+ session proposals has begun and will run through September 30th.… Read More

The Ladder of Love: Growing Facebook Fans

I was lucky enough to spend my last afternoon in Alaska  driving to Talkeetna with Aliza Sherman who lives in Alaska who I’ve known since 1995 and with Cassandra Stalzer my host!    I love the framework she created for identifying and cultivating Super Fans on Facebook.  … Read More

Heard on the Street in Anchorage

Walking down the street yesterday, I ran into Diane Kaplan, President of the Rasmuson Foundation.  I did an impromptu “Woman on the Street” interview and it reminded of Deb Schultz’s observation “Technology Changes, People Don’t

Other posts about my Alaska visit;

EarthquiakeRead More

Alaska: And The Earth Shook Under My Feet

Yesterday afternoon during the ForakerGroup 2010 Nonprofit Leadership Summit,  I experienced my first Alaskan earthquake (4.9).    I was scared – the floor swayed and I felt like I was on boat.   Ironically, it was during a session facilitated by Phil Klein called “Tackling the Unexpected” who shared insights about he took back his life after surviving a cancer diagnosis.… Read More

Postcard From Alaska

The photo above is me at age 14 in Alaska with my mom.   We did a cruise up the inside passage and visited the small towns along the way.  I  being a typical teenager who didn’t want to be away from her friends, so I really didn’t enjoy the natural wonders of Alaska and even refused to eat a salmon dinner.… Read More