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The Networked Nonprofit Board

The last chapter of the Networked Nonprofit is on networked governance.  We thought this would be an easy part of the book to write – all we’d have to do is find examples of how boards online, opening up decisionmaking to outside influences.  … Read More

Do You Have the World’s Best Nonprofit Presentation? You could win a Macbook and Projector!

I’ve been an active member of the Slideshare community, sharing, browsing, and collaborating on content and watching how nonprofits use the platform from about November 2006.  Today, I have over 200 presentations in my account, some with tens and thousands of views.  … Read More

Independent Sector Annual Conference: Forging a Stronger Future Together

As part of my work as Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation, I’ll be heading to the Independent Sector‘s Annual Conference “Forging a Stronger Future Together”  in Atlanta October 20-22 with over 500 leaders from  from across the nonprofit and philanthropic community.  … Read More

Tips for Remote Presenting

This morning Liz Karlin, who works at the Packard Foundation in Grant Operations, and I did a remote presentation for the Foundation Financial Officers Group on Organizational Change and Social Media Policy development. … Read More

Networked Nonprofit in Boston: A Story of Contrasts

Earlier this week, I flew across the country (thanks Virgin America!) to Boston for two days of book events hosted by  Associated Grant MakersBarr Foundation, Public Conversations Project, TechFoundation and Berkman Center Luncheon series.   This post shares a few observations about Networked Nonprofits.… Read More