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A First Look at Jumo

Note from Beth: The long anticipated social network site for social change, Jumo,  launched.   Here’s the article from today’s New York Times.   Many of us have been up early playing with  Jumo, setting up our individual profiles and finding issues and organizations or setting up profiles for organizations.  

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Networked Nonprofit Update: Royalty Check Sent to Sharing Foundation, London Event, and More

Not long after we received our final letter from Leng Sopharath, a young Cambodian woman our family has been sponsoring for college over the past four years,  the first royalty check from The Networked Nonprofit arrived!  It was with sincere joy that I was able to donate the full amount of my share of the royalities to the Sharing Foundation in support of the educational programs.  … Read More

Enabling a Participatory Culture using Creative Commons Licenses

Note from Beth: Lately, a question on my mind is whether or not the concept of Networked Nonprofits is a global one as I’ve had the opportunity to share some of the ideas beyond the US borders in Kenya and UK.   

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Happy TweetsGiving! Epic Thanks!

I’m just back from a trip to Kenya and London and as they say in the UK, “cream crackered”  (really tired).  I’m really grateful to be home with family and friends – and for the many wonderful global friends I have around the world made through the connectedness of social media.   … Read More

Networked Nonprofit at the Guardian in London

I stopped in London on my way back to the US from Kenya for a couple of book events.   This morning I did an interactive session at the Guardian hosted by its new voluntary sector network – a new online space where professionals working in and with the voluntary sector can discuss and debate the issues which affect their professional lives – and get advice and insight from peers and experts.  … Read More