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Are Qwerty Monsters the Nonprofit Donors of the Future?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the final #zoogood Twitter chat of 2010.   The topic we explored was mobile fundraising, ranging from best practices, integration and why applications on phones haven’t taken off.   I’m in learning mode, so this post is a quick summary of insights, questions, and resources.  … Read More

Why Apple (and their Users) Need A Charity Vetting System for iPhone Apps

Update: Apple made an official statement about why the pulled the app and appears to put the donation policy out of the picture.   So far, no official word from Apple on the iPhone app donation issue.

Today, the Guardian Technology blog speculated that the reason why the Wikileaks iPhone app was pulled from the iTunes store was because the $1.95… Read More

Apple May Not Listen, But Google and Microsoft Are All Ears …

You might have read this article in the New York Times this month about how Apple makes it really difficult for nonprofits to collect donations from within iPhone apps and the ensuring kerfulffle from many in the nonprofit and CSR sector, including the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Quarterly, Cause Marketing Forum, and Foundation Center.    … Read More

Don’t Merge Your Nonprofit Facebook Page With Places Page

Update: Facebook added the ability to “unmerge” your page with places.

Note from Beth: It has been less than a month since we launched the Zoetica Salon on my Facebook Page, a free peer learning space where we are discussing a monthly theme (this month is measurement) related to nonprofits and social media, sharing resources, as well as answering questions and sparking conversation.   

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According to PC World, Yahoo will shut down several of its Web properties, including Delicious,  according to a leaked Yahoo presentation slide that was posted on Twitter.

I was hoping this was just a rumor. Oh, say it ain’t so ….… Read More