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How Minnesota’s ‘Networked Nonprofits’ Raised over $10M in 1 Day!

Note From Beth: Last year I covered Give to the Max Day and the impressive results.    This year before the event Jeff Achen write a post sharing their strategy for 2010.     This guest post discusses the results.

Minnesota’s ‘Networked Nonprofits’ raised over $10M in one day by Jeff Achen of

“Do what you do best and network the rest.”

That’s simple, but wise advice from the definitive nonprofit social media strategy manual, “The Networked Nonprofit.” Here at GiveMN, we’ve harnessed the power of our networks to raise record amounts of money online for nonprofits in Minnesota and engage record numbers of people in an annual, one-day giving event—Give to the Max Day.… Read More

Feeding America’s Social Media Measurement Strategy

Social Media Measurement is this month’s theme on my blog Facebook page.   Last week, Dan Michel offered an intriguing answer to this question: “What form of social media measurement does your organization engage in; Community participation, advocacy (earned mentions, discussions), or donations ($ or time)?… Read More

Think Different: I’m Thinking Android

Yesterday, the New York Times published this piece about Apple’s Ban of In-App Donations To Charities which outlines this nuanced issue.   Daniel Sieradski, a digital strategist and artist, pinged me on Twitter with the above spoof on Apple’s “Think Different” campaign pointing out the connection between these “geniuses” and nonprofit organizations.     … Read More

If we want to change Apple’s iPhone Donation Policy ….

Apple makes it really difficult for nonprofits to collect donations from within iPhone apps (read Jake Shapiro’s Editorial or  this post about why Apple pulled PayPal’s app).  Here’s more about why it is important.   As the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported last Friday, Apple’s policy has raised the ire of some nonprofits leaders and there is a online petition with almost 2,000 signatures collected so far sending Mr.… Read More

Charity Donations: Is there an App for that?

Note From Beth: While I posted this guest post on Huffington Post and was doing a bad job of photoshopping Grinches and Jobs, my colleague, created this cartoon and wrote this post about Apple’s iPhone donation policy.    If you think Apple should change its nonprofit unfriendly policy about in-app donations on the iPhone, please sign the petition and share with your friends. 

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