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What is Your Nonprofit’s Holiday Content Strategy for Facebook?

Note from Beth: Recently, Networked for Good offered a free e-book about how nonprofits can development a micro-content for their social media presences filled with useful tips and best practices.    Carie Lewis gives an excellent mini case study of how to leverage micro content during the holiday and get results.

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Examples of Abundance in the Arts: Ask A Conductor on Twitter

Note from Beth: If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know I’ve been having this conversation with Marnie Webb about abundance.   On Twitter, I asked Marnie for examples of abundance approaches in the nonprofit and she answered in her blog.   

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Social Media Measurement for Nonprofits

Note from Beth: One thing I am trying to do with my Facebook Page is to  model abundant behavior.  My goal is to make it an online space for peer knowledge sharing, but what I hope will distinguish it from spaces is the synthesis, sense-making, and sharing of the abundance of stories, knowledge, tips, resources.  

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Send Steve Jobs A Message: Let Us Give Donations on the iPhone

Yesterday,  I explained why I’ve decided to ditch my iPhone and get an Android.   In short,  Apple makes it really difficult for nonprofits to collect donations from within iPhone apps (read Jake Shapiro’s Editorial or  this post about why Apple pulled PayPal’s app). … Read More

Why I’m Gonna Ditch My Iphone for Android (hint: donation apps)

Back in June, I wrote about how unfriendly Apple’s Iphone donation app policy was when I came across this editorial by Jake Shapiro, the CEO of PRX, (the company behind the popular This American Life iPhone and Public Radio Player apps), arguing that Apple’s policy of barring solicitation of donations by nonprofit groups is a cop-out and blocks a major revenue stream for public radio (and other nonprofits)—whose content enhances the value of Apple’s devices.… Read More