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Favorite Factoids from the 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study

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M+R and NTEN have just released the annual 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study that analyzes data and messaging from nonprofits.     So, if you want to compare your nonprofit’s performance with other, this report is a useful tool.

What I liked most was the infographic they shared as a companion to the study.  I had to screen capture my favorite factoids and share those below.

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  1. Amazing! Animals are 5.5 times more popular than the average non-profit presumably focused on people. Having been involved with dog rescue as a foster family in the past years, I am not surprised: most dog rescue volunteers I have met are the most AMAZING, PASSIONATE folks!

  2. Oops, pressed enter too soon. Was also going to comment on the fact that non-profits have 10x the # of supporters that stay connected to the cause via e-mail as compared to Facebook. While undoubtedly this is a temporary situation (with Facebook connections growing steadily), it’s important when designing a social fundraising strategy. The problem is not that these supporters are not on Facebook – I assume – it seems that they interact with their friends via their Wall (rather than following/spending time on corporate/non-profit pages). One way to integrate a social media campaign with a traditional online fundraising campaign is to prompt supporters to spread the word about their recent gift at the point of donation. We found that if you ask all donors who give online (on the non-profit’s regular online donation page) to auto-post about a message about their recent gift on their Facebook wall – this will result in 50% more donations for the non-profit (but not necessarily results into more “Fans” for the non-profit page).

  3. Geri Stengel says:

    Great graphics. They do say a lot, primarily that nonprofits need to cast a wide net in order to reap the rewards of online marketing including social media.

  4. Thanks for this information, Beth. I’ve often wondered what was normal for non-profit email list bounce/churn each year, and never seen any information that could answer my question. This gives me a great benchmark to go on, moving forward.

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  6. Free says:

    cool. Not exactly going to be the president or an NFL superstar, but I’ll take it.

  7. Emily Garman says:

    I am having no luck accessing their website; it seems to be down. Anyone know where I could find a copy of this report? I’ve been reading the 2007 one and I’d like to compare it to the 2011 study! e-benchmarksstudy.com seems to be no longer available.

  8. Beth says:

    Emily: It looks like the site is down, you could leave a comment over at the M&R blog or ask NTEN

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