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A Couple of Good Resources

January is Tune Up month in the Zoetica Salon, an online space for free peer learning about nonprofits and social media.   Here’s a few good resources shared on the wall in the past week.

Book: My colleague, Micah Sifry, has written a book, “Wikileaks and the Age of Transparency.”  … Read More

Looks Like Philanthropy Wasn’t One of Apple’s New Years Resolutions

Since December, over 12,000 people  have signed an online petition to urge Steve Jobs to change Apple’s unfriendly  iPhone donation policy.   Yesterday,  Vincent Stehle, in his column in the Chronicle of Philanthropy took Apple to task for its poor corporate citizen record, compared to the generosity of its competitors like Google, Microsoft,  Adobe, and others.  … Read More

Using Social Media to Share Research

Note from Beth: Last Spring,  Allison Fine and I did an evaluation report for the Case Foundation on the America’s Giving Challenge 2009.  One of the ideas we explored is it possible through social media to share some of the findings in a conversational way to help prod more insights from the field.  

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The Bold, Focused Ideas of Breakthrough Nonprofit Brands: Book Giveaway Winners Announced

The Bold, Focused Ideas of Breakthrough Nonprofit Brands by Carol Cone

A few weeks ago, Beth was kind enough to host a book giveaway and New Year resolution contest for nonprofits to celebrate the launch of my new book Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding, which I co-authored with Jocelyne Daw, Kristian Darigan Merenda and Anne Erhard.… Read More

Using Social Media to Leverage Family Stories for Healthcare Reform: MomsRising Shares Lessons Learned

Note from Beth: We featured Momsrising in our book, The Networked Nonprofit, as an example of a nonprofit that was born as a Networked Nonprofit.   They are experts in using  social media as part of their multi-channel advocacy campaigns.   They are also experts in repurposing content for different channels. 

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