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Sneak Peak of New Facebook Nonprofit Use Research from Idealware

Note from Beth: For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time,  you know of my obsession with research reports, particularly social media research snippets.   The good folks at Idealware offered me a sneak peak of their new Facebook research – how could I resist?  

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Connected Citizens Report: The Power, Peril, and Potential of Networks

Knight Foundation and Monitor Institute published a new report called “Connected Citizens” that looks at the impact of networks on communities, and asks, what do these emerging networks mean for community change? And, how can funders leverage them for good?  … Read More

Twitter Community Organizing Rules for Non Profits

Note from Beth: I love when I discovered folks who are community organizers and successfully transfer what they know about community organizing offline to the online world.   Robin shared some of her thoughts in the comments of a recent blog post, and I invited to share her community organizing rules for Twitter. 

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Social Media Policy Best Practices: Trust Is Cheaper Than Control

In my book, the Networked Nonprofit, we devoted an entire chapter to creating a social culture, including the development of a social media policy.   On my Facebook page,  I asked folks what the best practices were for creating a policy.  … Read More

Reflections: Center for Health Leadership Social Media Workshop

The Networked Health Organization
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I was honored to be included as one of the instructors for the  Center for Health Leadership (CHL) at UC Berkeley 21st Century New Media Training Series, designed for health professionals to learn how to strategically use new media for public health practice and health care.     … Read More