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Tweet To Donate to Fire Victims in Texas

I’m in Austin, Texas to deliver a keynote at the Texas Nonprofit Summit:  Leading the Charge for Change.   (Check out their social media dashboard to get a sense of the discussion).   While flying over Texas, I could see smoke rising and could imagine the devastation taking place down below.   … Read More

Data-Informed, Not Data-Driven

I saw an interesting post from Eric Petersen called “The Myth of Data-Driven Business” by way of KD Paine’s blog.   It caught my eye because we’ve working on a chapter about  how nonprofits can make the shift to a “data-driven culture.Read More

Charity:Water Sends Personal Video Thank Yous

Four years ago,  charity:water launched its September birthday fundraiser where it asked its supporters and friends to give up their birthdays and ask for donations instead of gifts.

Every year, the fundraising campaign involved more people and successfully raised more money using social fundraising tactics and channels.  … Read More

Rethinking Books: Buy A Good Book for A Good Cause

Not too long ago Seth Godin announced on his blog that he was going to reinvent the way books were published and read with The Domino Project.   In his words:

The notion of the paper book as merely a package for information is slowly becoming obsolete.

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Measuring the Return on Relationships

Note from Beth: A few weeks ago,  I suggested that nonprofits stop using the phrase “ROI” or questions like “What’s the Return?” and ask “What’s the Change?”   I had a quick chat with Claire about this idea and invited her write a guest post to celebrate the launch of her new book, Twitter for Good – which is filled with great insights and practical advice about making Twitter power your nonprofit’s mission.

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