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Doing the Conventional, Unconventionally

Guest post by Anna Muoio

“Doing the Conventional, Unconventionally”

How Wikimedia tapped into the wisdom of its network of 100,000 global volunteers to write their strategic plan…and why


When Sue Gardner, Wikimedia’s Executive Director set out to draft her organization’s strategic plan, she didn’t do what most ED’s do: select a handpicked and “elite” team and sequester them in a room for a few days to think about the future of the organization and what needed to be done to get there.… Read More

Networks are beautiful

Guest post from Stephanie McAuliffe

Bob Agres Executive Director of Hawai’i Alliance for Community Based Economic Development said that network weaving is the humility to discover the unique gift of each person you encounter and to connect it with a need.… Read More

Day Two: Growing Social Impact in a Networked World – Focus on the How to

Guest post by Laura Efurd

While we continue to grapple with some key questions around supporting, investing in and growing networks, on day two of the conference we got a bit more down and dirty with practical matters like “how to”.… Read More

Turning Waste into Opportunity

Guest post from Sande Smith

During the first day of the Growing Social Impact in a Networked World conference, I had plenty of opportunities to have my mind blown. I wasn’t the only one. I heard my colleagues asking questions about the changes that would have to happen in their organizations for them to be able to truly embrace a new way of being  – a way that embraced network philosophy.… Read More

How do funders help established organizations develop a network mindset?

Guest post by Adene Sacks

As the GEO gathering comes to a close, funders are spending their morning on the practical consideration of how adopting a network mindset will change our day to day work.  One of the most interesting discussions I participated in this morning focused on what networks mean for those established field organizations whose names are often synonymous with the work we do.… Read More