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#AI4Good: Artificial Intelligence & Wellbeing, Ethical Dilemmas, and More

Allison Fine and I have been looking at artificial intelligence, nonprofits, and philanthropy.  Our most recent research, Unlocking Generosity with Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Giving. with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. While this particular research was focused on giving and fundraising, we have looking at topic with a broader lens.… Read More

Philgorithms: Two Examples of Data Mapping to Guide Donor Decisions

As COVID accelerates innovative uses of AI in many areas, we are also seeing more development of AI-powered data mapping tools for philanthropic advising and to support donor investment decisions.  In our report, Unlocking Generosity with Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Giving (ai4giving), Allison Fine and I identified examples of where the algorithms and data are used to provide recommendations for philanthropic investment – whether everyday donors, program officers, or major donors. … Read More

Future of Giving: Coordination, Donor Retention & Artificial Intelligence

spark and honey: Future of Giving Report

This report explores the question: What are the cultural shifts impacting the future of giving, and what are the critical implications and opportunities for individuals and organization now and in the future?   It is a collaboration between sparks & honey, a business strategy firm and the Morgridge Family Foundation.Read More

Simple Ways To Reduce Virtual Fatigue for Nonprofit Leaders

Introduction to the series from Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises by Desk Yogi

Since the pandemic started and the shift to all virtual, I have found myself sitting in front of a screen for longer stretches. If I don’t take stretch breaks at my desk or encourage everyone to stretch with me during virtual meetings, my neck hurts by the end of the day.… Read More