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5 Book Recommendations for Nonprofit Networking and Data Nerds


There’s lots to enjoy during the holiday season – from gathering with friends and family to the festivities and fun.   But it is also a quiet time of year and a good time to catch up on reading.    Also, if you are looking for a last minute gift for the nonprofit networking and data nerd in your life, here’s some book recommendations.

1.  The Digital Mystique by Sarah Granger

Online social networks and the Internet are a part of our everyday life, work, and even death – whether we embrace it or not, we need a good guide to navigating this world.   My colleague Sarah Granger,  a nationally recognized expert on online culture and social technology—shows us how digital media is shaping our lives in real time.  Whether it’s how we raise our children, communicate in love and partnerships, support causes, or establish friendships and trust, Granger pinpoints the best ways to seize digital opportunities to make our lives better.    It is filled with practical tips and lots of stories and useful for all nonprofit professionals.

2. Show Your Work by Jane Bozarth

In organizations, people struggle to capture knowledge and to find answers across organizational boundaries and silos.    A new comfort with transparency combined with easy access to online social networking tools, makes it easy to share what we do, but also how we do it.  That’s is the practice of working out loud and it has many benefits from helping productivity to encouraging reflective practice.   Jane Bozarth has given us an extraordinary and inspiring book, fill with lots of practical tips, stories, and lovely illustrations about how to be successful in your professional work or organization in a connected age.

3. The Connect Effect by Michael Dulworth

This is not a recently published book, but it is one of the better ones that I’ve discovered recently that provides frameworks and tips for leveraging your professional network both offline and online.   It includes a tool that helps measure your networking skills and also lots of methods to help you identify, expand, and use your network to improve your knowledge and work.

4.   Impact and Excellence by Sheri Chaney Jones

This book is how to create a data-informed culture in your organization that values outcome based measurement.  The book shares some fantastic case studies as well as templates, discussion questions, and a measurement culture assessment tool.     The book is a manual for nonprofits on how to become a data-informed organization and do more good in the world.

5. Presenting Data Effectively by Stephanie D.H. Evergreen

If you are working with data in any way, you need this book.  It is a practical and easy to understand and implement handbook on how to present effectively.  It will help you understand when to use a pie chart versus a bar chart – but it goes beyond that.  It will help you understand how graphic elements – type, color, arrangement, and graphics can help you communicate the results of your data analysis so others will understand it.

I hope you have a fabulous holiday!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Beth. I had not seen a couple of these before, so nice holiday reading suggestions!

  2. This is an excellent list for the nonprofit networking and data nerds. For the other nonprofit folk – check out this year’s Wishlist of Books for Nonprofit Folk. It is a very popular post again this year.


  3. Tom Gaunt says:

    Thanks for the mention of The ConnectEffect. Mike was very happy to see your post.

  4. Beth says:


    I really enjoyed reading it and adding to my syllabus for my graduate course. Excellent resource!

  5. Ciekawa treść. Dziękuje za to Państwu. Zachęcam innych czytelników do zapoznania się z treścią publikacji. Mam pytaniedo autora i dlatego czekam na Twój kontakt na e-mail.

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  7. Keith says:

    Hey Beth!

    These look like really great books!