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America’s Giving Challenge 2009 Assessment and Reflection Paper


Allison Fine and I, along with my Zoetica colleague Geoff Livingston have completed the  assessment and reflection paper for 2009 America’s Giving Challenge for the Case Foundation.   This is Case Foundation’s second online competition that encouraged people to leverage their social networks to raise money and awareness and recruit supporters for the causes they care about most.  Allison Fine and I wrote the reflection paper for the first challenge.

This year we took a more intercative approach to sharing the findings and learnings.  It was done through a series of blog posts called AGC Conversational Case Studies and encouraged the public to weigh in via comments to the blog posts, live CaseSoup video discussions, and Twitter.   You find the report, blog posts, and archived videos over at the Case Foundation site here.

We look forward to more  lively discussions and sharing of ideas about online contests.

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  1. Glad this is finalized. I enjoyed working on it with you.