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How #GivingTuesday is using Champions

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Giving  Tuesday hopes to spark a movement of people and organizations who want  to celebrate giving and encourage more and smarter giving during the holiday season.    The intent is to create an annual national day of giving on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving or this year on  November 27, 2012.    The campaign will encourage philanthropic activities  that support nonprofit organizations.    I heard about it in September and immediately signed up to be a social media ambassador which was a simple ask “Join us in helping spread the word and receive special messages from us to help us tweet, share and more.”

I did it because I want to participate, of course!  (I wrote this post about it).  I also wanted to learn what their techniques would be for using social media ambassadors and experience it as a social media ambassador first-hand so it could help me advise nonprofits.   Empathy is an excellent marketing strategy tool.

What is a social media ambassador or champion?   This is a new breed of supporter who cares so much about your cause that they’re willing to spread the word to their friends.     They have been called “brand advocates” or “super fans.”   There are good benefits (and risks)  to using Ambassadors as part of your strategy.

But they don’t just magically appear  – there is a process of cultivation.    This is what I have observed so far by watching GivingTuesday’s process.

The first step is to recruit by providing opportunities for Social Media Ambassadors to opt into your email list so you can begin the cultivation process.   They offered this opportunity with the high visibility launch of the campaign  (They also put a call to potential ambassadors to sign up for a “thunderclap)

In a recent email, I received information about the communications plan and a toolkit.  The second item is especially important because it gives me everything I need to take action  – from suggested Tweets, and other opportunities to participate, including guest blogging on the Giving Tuesday blog.     All of these ways to support this effort are different levels of engagements – some asks are easy and require a click or two and others require slightly more time.     I am assuming that behind this messaging lies a ladder of engagement and they are tracking what how bring people through it.

Also, I have a heavy work load and this is a volunteer job for me.  So, by making it super simple, easy, and not time consuming to participate,  I’m more likely to.   I get a lot of requests to be a social media ambassador or “influencer” requests.  I say yes to those where there is relationship or where I truly believe in the cause.    Then, whether or not I actually can do something depends on the tools they give me to make participation easy and how they manage the relationship – saying thank you, simple shout outs, making connections, etc.

Now, the last step –  “unleash” is when we will be empowered to go do something, take action -leading up to the campaign.   They involve their ambassadors in the content and promotion around the campaign.  One channel that they are using is Giving Tuesday Google Hangout.  These are taking place on Tuesdays leading up to the campaign.  Here’s the recording from a recent hangout.

I’ll be participating in one on November 6th.

Google+ Hangout
Please join us on Tuesday, November 6 at 12:30 EST for a our next Hangout: How non-profits and corporations use digital media and technology to reach a broader audience and build awareness about a cause.

Panelists this week are;
Beth Kanter, Speaker/Author/Master Trainer & nonprofit innovator @KanterHazel Cobb, Senior Public Relations Officer and Porter Mason, Deputy Director of Social Media, U.S. Fund for UNICEF @UnicefUSAChristine Cea, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, Unilever @Unilever, @MakeLifeBetter Emcee:Zoe Fox, Reporter, Mashable @ZoeBFox
Help spread the message about this and contribute to the conversation using the hashtag.
Twitter: Join the #GivingTuesday Google+ Hangout Tues Nov 6 at 12:30 EST to hear from @Kanter @ZoeBFox @MakeLifeBetter & @UnicefUSA

Is your nonprofit using social media brand ambassadors?  In what ways?



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  1. I love this It can be a good idea because here in ASfrica we have people who don’t have cloth to wear in remote villages and we are looking for used cloths from people who can gather it from western world like USA and send it to us and we will clear it and send it to this less priviledge ones even shoes and things like that or food stiffs. .I wish we can reach out to such philanthropist .

    I like this , we also help youths with articles that can help them find themselves and create ideas to help themselves and avoi social vices. ‘am the author of enemies of my father’s house.
    Best regards ,
    Princewill chioma

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  3. Mitchell says:

    We here at Center For People With Disabilities, Inc. are connected indirectly to over 1,000,000 people through LinkedIn and it will be our pleasure to send out a Tweet or other to some of these online friends in re. if desired.

  4. Maggie Hilty says:

    I think it is great how organizations these days are realizing just how large of an impact social media can make. One thing that really stuck out to me was when you said you only say yes to those with which you have a relationship and truly believe in the cause. I believe that is what makes you so passionate about your ambassador job. More people should follow in your footsteps, only taking on community outreach jobs they truly care about, and then more groups might make larger impacts.

  5. Beth says:

    Maggie: I only have so much time in my day for work, family, and giving back. So, have to make choices about how I use my volunteer time. I just don’t want to volunteer for activities that I don’t really care about .. very logical, no?

  6. Lynda Schuyler says:

    I love the concept but I think that ‘Sharing Sunday’ has greater impact potential. We have a wonderful Holiday on Thursday where we gather to give thanks for family, friends, the harvest and whatever bounty we have to celebrate. Before the dishes are dry we launch head on into the next season. Whatever snarky views that many have about Black Friday, we must acknowledge and agree that it is good for the economy. From there we move directly to ‘Local Saturday’. Still, we shop but perhaps not at the Mall. So how do we best prepare for ‘cyber Monday’? A day of rest? Church for some. At the very least, we should reflect back to Thursday, Friday and Saturday and think about how we should include the larger community in the bounty for which we gave thanks on Thursday and before we spend our last dime on ‘Cyber Monday’: Share. Anyway, Sunday has been lonely all these years. Every other day of the week end has a special name

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  12. Wasi Shah says:

    Trends such as #FF and #GivingTuesday have gained a lot of popularity over a few weeks. Being an avid twitter user myself. I know that these trends carry weight.

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