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Free Ticket Cliff Atkinson’s Presentation Training in LA Next Week


Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist, at TechSmith can’t use her ticket for next week’s  training Beyond Bullets Training by Cliff Atkinson.   (TechSmith is a sponsor).   She doesn’t want it to go to waste and is happy to let a nonprofit in LA have the ticket.  The training is on November 11/12th.  More information is here.   If you want the free ticket and work for or with a nonprofit in the LA area,  please leave a comment about why you want to do the training and include your contact information.   Betsy will pick someone from the comments to use the ticket and throw in a free copy of Snagit and Camtasia.

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  1. Catherine Geanuracos says:

    I’d love to attend! As a consultant working with multiple nonprofits and advocacy groups, I’m always encouraging people to tell their stories in a more compelling way – whether their goals are raising funds, getting votes, or encouraging action. Most recently I’ve been helping the Plastic Pollution Coalition prepare for (happening November 6th – watch the livestream!) Post-event we’ll be launching a global “REFUSE Plastic” campaign – and I’d love this training to help make sure the materials we’re creating for advocates worldwide are as dynamic and persuasive as possible (we’ll be building a sample presentation on model legislation banning plastic bags to give to community groups, businesses, etc.).
    (you can see more about my background and clients at
    Thanks Beth!!

  2. Anna says:

    Oh how I would love to learn how to better tell the 5 for Fairness story. I’m the Founder of 5 for Fairness – a non-profit online community dedicated to fostering fairness for girls worldwide through collective grantmaking. Members donate $5 to join and when we have $5000, we vote to decide which NGO working on behalf of girls deserves our grant. As far as I know, there is nothing like 5 for Fairness in the philanthropic universe, so describing the idea to people who have never heard or seen anything like it is a challenge. I would love to get some training as to how to present the idea (which is actually very simple!) in ways that get people excited and empowered to join us in the movement for fairness. Thanks for doing this and good luck to all!


  3. Alissa says:

    Wow, Betsy! I’m touched by this kind & creative gesture. Simply, I need this. The at-risk teen girls we serve need this. Proof: We have Nov 11 off & I would much rather spend my vacation day learning this useful material to better help me do my job. Thanks, Betsy!

  4. Alissa says:

    My comment appears above & I can be reached at – thanks again.

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