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I’m betting $10 Social Media Wins …

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My colleague, Clay Lord, Theatre Bay Area told me about a bet that the communications manager is having with the director of development.   Here’s the bet:


I must use the It’s Not the Size of the Gift platform to raise $1,937 by 5pm EST Friday, October 1st, and I can only promote it over social media networks.

(Why $1,937, you ask? Well, that’s the exact number of Facebook fans we have at the very moment I am typing this call to action. In my brain I thought, wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone on Facebook actually saw this request and donated just, like, a dollar?! Rock on, social media!)

If I win, this is what we get:
1. Tim will join Twitter!
2. He will wear an Alli Houseworth exclusive handmade T-shirt that will say “I love social media” across the front AND have himself photographed in said T-shirt in front of various DC landmarks. The photos will be shared on Facebook and Twitter for your viewing pleasure.
3. Tim will give the curtain speech for the closing performance of IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY, and wear the aforementioned T-shirt while doing so.

Comrades! Help me in this quest to embarrass Tim, to prove to my theatre that social media works for all departments, and help us raise a bit of money to support this fabulous organization whose mission is to explore the edges of theatrical style and human experience, in everything we do. (Even in Tweets.)


That’s worth a ten dollar donation from me!! You can donate here.

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  1. Love this idea… thanks for posting. Made my gift 🙂

  2. Rebecca Novick says:

    Alli won her bet, by a substantial margin! You backed the winner, Beth.

  3. […] campaign also raised the profile of the theater to a new audience, even getting mentioned in a blog post by social-media-for-social-good guru Beth Kanter, a moment that Houseworth called the “tipping point” of her outreach […]

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