Ask Me Anything: Packard Foundation Hosting Google Hangout Today – Oct 29th at 3 PM PST | Beth's Blog

Ask Me Anything: Packard Foundation Hosting Google Hangout Today – Oct 29th at 3 PM PST

Personal Reflections

This is from a blog post by Luis Chabolla at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz.   I had the change to work with his organizations and many other Packard grantees during my four years as Visiting Scholar.

I was only supposed to be there for nine months, but the interest from grantees and other capacity builders was strong.  During my four years as Visiting Scholar with the Packard Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness program I ended up writing two books with fabulous co-authors, Alison Fine and Katie Paine, designing and delivering numerous capacity building projects with grantees to hone their skills in social media and using networks while I honed my skills designing, delivering, evaluating, and coaching, wrote hundreds of blog posts to share the lesson further, and delivered countless keynotes and panel presentations about the work.

The Packard Foundation is hosting a Google Hangout and will be live from our headquarters. During the hangout,  fellow NP tech guru, John Kenyon, will interview me and we’ll have a few grantees as guests including Luis Chabolla, Rachel Weidinger, and more.   We’ll take a look back at successes, failures, and ah-ha moments of the past four years and look forward to the next.

Google Hangout, 10/29 @3pm PST
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You can also tweet questions, comments, and good wishes to @DLPFexplore, using #theBetheffect – before, during, or after the Hangout.


6 Responses

  1. Minna Jung says:

    My haiku tribute to what Beth has done for the Packard Foundation and our grantees:

    Yea, we prayed for a
    Wise social/network guru
    And lo, Beth shed light.

  2. Jeff Jackson says:

    You’ve been a wonderful mentor and colleague over the past few years. Your professional expertise has been so valuable, and I will never forget your social media tips that helped me find my godson in Chile after their big earthquake 3 years ago. When in doubt, stalk the friends of friends of friends. Thanks and stay in touch. Jeff

  3. Steve Laufer says:

    hi Beth,
    Seems about 2 weeks ago, our FB posts are being view by at least 40% less people. did FB change anything, or are we just lagging?

    Also, we seem to have got stuck at 976 likes… what’s a new idea to get seen by more?


  4. In response to Steve…

    Without context it’s hard to say what caused such a dramatic shift in views, and I can’t say that I have a ton of value for Likes when it comes to accomplishing top-level org objectives, but there’s only one way to build meaningful and lasting mutually beneficial relationships with people via social. Remember that they aren’t active on social to advance *your* mission, only theirs.

    Look for ways to help them fulfill their mission (status, personality, etc) while helping you fulfill yours (advocacy? social impact?), and you’ll be so busy engaging with those who are leaning in and want to get involved that you won’t have time to worry about how many likes you have.

    Best of luck!

  5. Beth Kanter says:


    Here’s three posts that explain some of what is happening.

  6. Pam Sturner says:

    Hi Beth,
    Just wanted to say that taking part in two of the peer learning exchanges you facilitated for Packard grantees was a fantastic experience. The action learning projects we undertook have been transformative for us at the Leopold Leadership Program, and we are now sharing what we learned from you with our fellows in a variety of ways. Thank you so much for giving us the measurement framework and for your teaching, coaching, and encouragement to help us adopt it. We look forward to seeing where your learning path takes you next.

    PS — What are your favorite hashtags to follow for training, interactive design, and human centered design principles?