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YOU Can Bring These Dreams To Life— Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Note From Beth: Blog Carnivals are  a themed collection of blog posts.   They have been for a long time and some nonprofits, like Momsrising, have been using them as part of their engagement strategy.  The nonprofit blog carnival has been going for a few years, created by Kivi Leroux Miller, of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, in 2006, and Joanne Fritz at took over management of the carnival in 201o.  The Nonprofit Blog Carnival is a collection of the best advice and resources that consultants, support organizations, and nonprofits themselves are offering to the nonprofit community through their blogs.   Nancy Schwartz hosted this past month’s carnival and I’m happy to share her round up as a guest post.




Welcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up!

My dad, Manny Schwartz, together with Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired me to ask fellow bloggers to  speak out on their big dream for their organization, cause or the nonprofit community this year, and how they’ll make it real, as they did in last January’s carnival.

This was a tough assignment, being so open ended. I purposefully left it the bloggers to frame it, and so many of them did that so beautifully—most on the theme of forward momentum.

I am inspired and energized by the creativity of these visions and the passionate commitment to getting there. Hope you are too:

More organizations doing more planning is Erik Anderson’s dream, to generate small victories and step closer to goal setting, risk-taking and moving the needle.

Joanne Fritz outlines characteristics of her dream nonprofit organization: Stubborn, eloquent and donor focused. Words to live by!

Putting relationship fundraising into action and measuring emotions is Craig Linton’s passion for 2013. Bonus laugh here—read the post through to find it.

Empish Thomas shares his dream to change public perception of what it means to be visually impaired (soon to be published in the blog of Atlanta’s Center for the Visually Impaired).

Ditch any stinkin’ thinkin’ you might have” is one of three wishes Sandy Rees has for nonprofits this year.

Julia Campbell shares her vision of nonprofits breaking out of the way things have always been done, focused on collaboration.

Lori Jacobwith and Lori Halley share two things—a first name and a dream of sufficient resources of time, talent and treasure (a.k.a. budget).  

A no marketing, no money, no mission wake-up call is Elaine Fogel’s dream.

Ryan Ozimek is actively bringing his dream to life—to help accidental techies make the right decisions for their organizations.

Penelope Rivas, Communications and Social Media Intern at Volunteer Match, shares her dream for nonprofits to execute more daring and audacious social media marketing campaigns.

An imaginative mashup of old traditions and new vision is Marion Conway’s dream, and she sharers some concrete how-tos.

Ken Goldstein dreams of a world where people have a clear understanding of how nonprofits operate, and suggests a reality show as the way to get there. Watch out, Hollywood!

And finally, I want to share my vision for donor-centered, right-thing, right-now marketing and the way to get there.

Thanks to all who participated in this discussion! If you have a dream, or comments on these, please share it here.

Next Up…How to ensure donors make the next giftr
The February Carnival is hosted by bow-tied fundraiser Marc Pitman. He wants to know your recommendations on getting your donors to come back. Get the details here.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks much, Beth, for sharing these dreams, and spurring others to dream ambitious and realistic too.

    Please add your dreams in the comments! Thanks.

  2. I definitely have a dream. I have a dream this is the year your organization will move beyond defining yourself by what you’re not (nonprofit) and will begin to define yourself by what you are (social benefit). To clairify, I have a full post up on my blog if anyone would care to read it.

    Love having the inspiration of all of us dreaming together!

  3. Jeanne allen says:

    Wow- these blog carnivals are terrific and great inspiration.

  4. i am working with the non profit and i want it to grow bigger.

  5. nishad says:

    Thanks beth. good info. to add to these 89% of Non-profits have a presence in facebook trying to leverage the network. Its a good way to reach millions. The tresnd will be boosted in the coming there are sompe apps which can be integrated with the campaign that will do one click secure payments. to know more

  6. Beth says:

    Nishad: Thanks for sharing your deck – it’s awesome!

  7. I love this, thanks so much! One of my dreams is that nonprofits would collectively offer up what could be a massive contribution to the thinking about cross-sector work – via the experiences of their ongoing, resident cross-sector bodies, their boards. Here’s a post on this and would love to hear your thoughts: