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Book Giveaway: Nonprofit Fundraising 101 by @dheyman



Being a Happy, Healthy Nonprofit isn’t just about your physical health, it is also about enriching your knowledge and professional development.    What better way than to read a book that gives you the best practical information about an important nonprofit area – fundraising.

My colleague, Darian Heyman, will publish his second book,  Nonprofit Fundraising 101:  A Practical Guide with Easy to Implement Tips and Ideas from Industry Experts, next week.   I’m honored to be one of the “industry experts” interviewed for this book, along with many stellar colleagues like Farra Trompeter, Steve MacLaughlin,  Kim Klein, Kay Sprinkel Grace, Mal Warwick, Caryn D. Stein, Kivi Leroux Miller, John Haydon, David Hessekiel, and many more.

To celebrate the launch of Darian’s new book,  I’m giving away a copy.   Just leave a comment in this blog post about why you want the book.  I’ll pick a winner at random next week.

Here’s the description.

Based on expert advice and insights from a variety of respected industry experts, Nonprofit Fundraising 101 is an essential text for nonprofit professionals, volunteers, activists, and social entrepreneurs who want to leverage best practices to promote their cause.

Built upon the success of the best-selling Nonprofit Management 101, this easy to digest book provides practical, comprehensive guidance for nonprofit fundraising around the globe. With tips and tools, expert advice, and real-world insights from almost fifty industry leaders, this robust resource addresses the entire spectrum of fundraising for nonprofits, including:

Planning, hiring, and tracking progress
Individual donors, major gifts, events, and direct mail
Board and volunteer engagement
Foundation and government grants
Corporate partnerships
Online and email fundraising
Social media and mobile crowdfunding
Earned income and social enterprise
Written by and for front line practitioners and geared towards a global audience of emerging and established leaders, this field guide offers step-by-step formulas for success. Nonprofit Fundraising 101 features a foreword by fundraising guru and Soul of Money author Lynne Twist, insights from notable non-profit professionals such as CNN’s Van Jones, and an afterword by Co-Founder & President Premal Shah.

This book also provides indispensible ideas and diverse case studies ranging from grassroots efforts to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and advice for organizations of all sizes and focus. Chapters are brief and easily digestible, featuring extensive resources for additional learning, concrete best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Enjoy this must-read manual to learn tried and true ways to raise more money for your cause, nonprofit, or charity.

If your New Year’s resolution is to do a better job at fundraising, Nonprofit Fundraising 101 should be high on your reading list for 2016!

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  1. innae says:

    I just transitioned careers from journalism into development and it would be great to have this book as a resource!

  2. Zo Yngsöc says:

    I would like to read this interesting issue I’ve been thinking about a few times.. I have dream to build nonfrofit organization with kind a detail storyboard on me but there was no clue on me more energy to go through.. I hope this book help me to get some keys more clear my fuzzy vision.

  3. Rebecca Kendall says:

    I love short and easily digestible chapters. Just the way I want to develop funding pitches…

  4. Our nonprofit has 249 members and is one chapter of a national organization. Being a smaller nonprofit in our area, we are behind in following donor management, website design, and fundraising best practices. For those of us who would like to move forward, there are as many that are unsure. Your book will provide the tool which we could use to propel us forward in 2016 in educating the masses of our chapter. Thank you.

  5. Hayley says:

    Looks like a great resource! Sounds like something every fundraiser would benefit from reading. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks like a great resource.

  7. Matthew Florence says:

    Sounds like this would be a nice help for some of my clients. And it might help me round out some of my own skills.

  8. I work for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, which was recently renamed because the Morningside Foundation granted the School $350 million at the end of 2013, near the end of two years of intensive fundraising by both HSPH and Harvard University. Our former Dean commented that, during that two year period, he had spent over 2/3 of all his calendar days on the road, asking for money for the School.

    That impressed me.

    But though I work studiously for the School, I also work with nonprofit through a fundraising program based on their enabling their supporters to adopt renewable energy for themselves and their businesses and institutions.

    In my two roles, I have attracted a number of students, one of the more recent is a graduate student in nonprofit fundraising in a neighboring school, and I’ve become more interested in formally studying the topic in tandem with that what student’s program is teaching.

    I’d find myself motivated to read through this book. If I don’t get it this way, I’ll request that our library system (HUL) order a copy.

  9. Jenna Ou says:

    Sounds like a book that would be useful and inspiring for me!

  10. Daniel says:

    I started a 501 c 3 through nothing but crowdfunding. The only question is now what? We have a couple of ideas on how to grow the company and make the world a better place, but more guidance would certainly be appreciated. This book sounds lie it could help us get there.

  11. Connie Duran says:

    We will benefir with the book. Fundraising is always a challenge!

  12. Sickle Cell Disease is the #1 genetic disease, yet receives the least support. We are striving to make a difference in our community and we are appreciative of solid guidance that would help us reach our goals. This book will help us attain and retain the support needed to be successful.

  13. Lisa Biever says:

    This year we are really ramping up our efforts t help regional nonprofits do their very best work to advance essential missions of all kinds. I’d love to read this and pass it on to my NPO “peeps”!

  14. Shelley says:

    My organization is looking to grow in our region where it has very little name recognition. We are working to become a notable organization and raise funds in the community.

    Thank you,

  15. In fundraising-as-usual, are we making a difference more than we’re making a buck? I am excited to write a review of Darian’s new book and see what it says about putting social movement first. I’m also extremely curious to see how it handles organizing compared to marketing – engaging a base instead of tapping it out. Thanks for the contest, Beth!

  16. Charles says:

    Dear Beth thanks! I used your tips and tactics to help many non profits over the years. I teach local businesses to use social media. I allow local non profits to sit for free.

    The non profits provide cancer detection education, art galleries, access to work for adults with disabilities, community theater, food pantries and pet shelters to name just a few. I would love to get a copy to show to the many non profits I serve

  17. Becky says:

    Thanks for this! I just started working for a non-profit using SalesForce and have just been put in charge of working on things to make them more usable for our company. This book would be a HUGE help for me, as well as the rest of our staff.

  18. Paula Hunter says:

    I would LOVE this book as I gave a business that focuses on families eating dinner together by cooking homemade Itskan meals with a touch of soul. I created a family newsletter with some educational pieces on the benefits of families eating dinner at the table together, healthy eating tips, healthy recipes and family challenges like communication questions and activity challenges. I would like to form a non-for-profit including teaching families, children and single parents how to cook healthy meals, coking healthy on a budget, canning, gardening, family fun nights and in turn donate proceeds to hungry children in our Kentuckiana area. Education is key in beginning the road to healthy eating, healthy children (in all ways) who can become healthy adults and they will have resources to begin to eliminate hunger, obesity and other diseases caused by malnourishment, unhealthy eating and physical and mental stresses. This book can help me and a team I would like to organize for this non-for-profit follow the proper steps and do it successfully. It would be an honor and blessing! Thank you for the consideration!

  19. I work with nonprofit organizations in the context of our residual fundraising program, which provides a growing residual income to nonprofit organizations who enable their supporters, constituents, targets, staffers, decisionmakers, neighbors to save money with renewable energy for their homes and businesses.

    Anyone here who would like to discover how that can benefit their US-based nonprofit or not-for-profit organization – any 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4),501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) entity – can e-mail me directly or message me through

    Some large universities and even some public broadcasting stations have looked into our system and have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to develop and administer programs which they would have been unable to offer – and to maintain staffers whom they would have been unable to keep – without the program.

    Very energy believers in renewable energy are the key here, for allowing the supporters to PAINLESSLY support your nonprofit organization while they save money on something they already buy – but they are (thereby) reducing the harms they cause the planet and those who live in the planet, who are harmed by the greenhouse gases released from producing electricity from burning fossil fuels.

  20. Stephanie says:

    I’m job hunting in the nonprofit world, and this book will help me build my fundraising skills. I’m also part of a new alumni fundraising council for a student group I served in, and this book would be really helpful for me and the other members.

  21. I work for a non-profit organization here in Kenya. My work involves working with women in community groups. Since 2007 we have built strong network of women groups consisting over 50 groups. I fund-raise to train women on skills they need to manage their group activities and group business. I have told the women that they could also raise money on their own by applying for funds to help in their agribusiness or water project. This book would help shape our focus on what we need to do and provide basis for community networks and fundraising. Thank you.

  22. Katie Sullivam says:

    Hello. I am a certified substance abuse counselor, mentally ill substance abuse counselor, and sole proprietor of a MFP focusing on community its reintegration via the Balanced and Restorative Justice Initatives.,this book would benefit me in focusing on proper ways to approach potential grants, develop my curriculum, and training staff on the ups and downs of working for an NFP.


  23. I am using this book for a course at the University of Washington Tacoma. I am also using it to further the work of fundraising on behalf of Interfaith Works in Olympia Washington for those who find themselves homeless.

  24. Katie Sullivan says:

    I am a clinician who works directly with not for profits. Currently in Chicago, all NFP funding has been frozen, requiring us to be fiscally resourceful.
    This book would be very helpful.

    Thank you, and Imwould love a copy of this book.

  25. Darian Rodriguez Heyman says:

    All (esp. Janet)- Unfortunately Beth’s book giveaway already expired, but if you work with a college or university that is considering using the book as part of a class, I can have my publisher send you a free copy. Same goes for organizations producing conferences with a budget for buying copies of the book for event attendees, or for an honorarium. Thanks for all your interest! -Darian, darian at darianheyman dot com

  26. Roberta says:

    Great article! Gives everyone something to think about. I am sharing this on Pinterest.

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