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Book Giveaway: Nonprofit Fundraising 101 by @dheyman



Being a Happy, Healthy Nonprofit isn’t just about your physical health, it is also about enriching your knowledge and professional development.    What better way than to read a book that gives you the best practical information about an important nonprofit area – fundraising.

My colleague, Darian Heyman, will publish his second book,  Nonprofit Fundraising 101:  A Practical Guide with Easy to Implement Tips and Ideas from Industry Experts, next week.   I’m honored to be one of the “industry experts” interviewed for this book, along with many stellar colleagues like Farra Trompeter, Steve MacLaughlin,  Kim Klein, Kay Sprinkel Grace, Mal Warwick, Caryn D. Stein, Kivi Leroux Miller, John Haydon, David Hessekiel, and many more.

To celebrate the launch of Darian’s new book,  I’m giving away a copy.   Just leave a comment in this blog post about why you want the book.  I’ll pick a winner at random next week.

Here’s the description.

Based on expert advice and insights from a variety of respected industry experts, Nonprofit Fundraising 101 is an essential text for nonprofit professionals, volunteers, activists, and social entrepreneurs who want to leverage best practices to promote their cause.

Built upon the success of the best-selling Nonprofit Management 101, this easy to digest book provides practical, comprehensive guidance for nonprofit fundraising around the globe. With tips and tools, expert advice, and real-world insights from almost fifty industry leaders, this robust resource addresses the entire spectrum of fundraising for nonprofits, including:

Planning, hiring, and tracking progress
Individual donors, major gifts, events, and direct mail
Board and volunteer engagement
Foundation and government grants
Corporate partnerships
Online and email fundraising
Social media and mobile crowdfunding
Earned income and social enterprise
Written by and for front line practitioners and geared towards a global audience of emerging and established leaders, this field guide offers step-by-step formulas for success. Nonprofit Fundraising 101 features a foreword by fundraising guru and Soul of Money author Lynne Twist, insights from notable non-profit professionals such as CNN’s Van Jones, and an afterword by Co-Founder & President Premal Shah.

This book also provides indispensible ideas and diverse case studies ranging from grassroots efforts to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and advice for organizations of all sizes and focus. Chapters are brief and easily digestible, featuring extensive resources for additional learning, concrete best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Enjoy this must-read manual to learn tried and true ways to raise more money for your cause, nonprofit, or charity.

If your New Year’s resolution is to do a better job at fundraising, Nonprofit Fundraising 101 should be high on your reading list for 2016!

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  1. Darian Rodriguez Heyman says:

    Beth- You’re the best! Thanks for your incredible insights and support and excited to provide the nonprofit sector with really practical fundraising tips and tools and finance the amazing work that millions of organizations across the world are doing. Couldn’t have done it without you, Darian.

  2. Sima Matthes says:

    After years at the periphery of non-profit fundraising–as a program manager, or director of advocacy under the purview of the VP for Development–I am diving into the deep end as a freelance grant writer.

    This book would be a great help to me as I seek to get up to speed quickly and more effectivly fundraise for the organizations with which I work.

    I look forward to reading it!

  3. Michael Whiteside says:

    I just learned from my ED that our donations were down $14k in 2015. It was a hard pill to swallow since it seemed that donations were steadily coming in with the same frequency and levels. I have already committed to implementing some changes in how we thank donors, but this would be a great resource to develop additional ideas from to fill those coffers again!

  4. As a fundraising professional currently working at a public agency as a grant and program manager, I’m always looking for new resources to recommend to my nonprofit constituents. I’d love to check this new book out!
    Thank you for the chance!

  5. We’ve recently lost our Development Director and trying to come up with fresh strategies without a staff member is challenging. Working my way through all the great information – thank you!

  6. Mike corbin says:

    Hope this is as good as his book on nonprofit management

  7. I would not only use this for Project Kesher in the US but share key ideas with women activists in Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine

  8. Emmanuel Mukama says:

    A big congratulation to Darian Heyman!! I would like to improve my knowledge with this book!! It seems to be very important for me as I’m working for non profit!!! Thanks

  9. Pam says:

    Would love to have a copy to share with my non-profit clients. The goal of my work is to help non-profits access the funding and resources they need for high quality branding and communication campaigns. I’d love to read it myself and then pass the information on to others! Thank you.

  10. Chris Miller says:

    As a non-profit that works on building collaborations that will increase the capacity of other non-profits and service organizations this book would be a great way to for me to help not only my organization but lots of others.

    Enjoy the blog so much. Looking forward to following the development of your book too.

  11. Lisa Goodgame says:

    Great book! I’m increasingly involved in our fundraising efforts, and I’m particularly interested in building a small and online donor strategy for our organization.

  12. Mari says:

    Congratulations, Darian, Beth and everyone who contributed to what sounds like a very valuable resource! I look forward to reading it ASAP. Every non-profit and mission based business needs funding – it’s the oil that runs the machine. Who doesn’t need this book?

  13. Collette says:

    As a volunteer with a small all-volunteer nonprofit, I’m just dipping my toe into fundraising and your website is a wealth of information. We’d love a copy of this book, especially since it comes with your recommendation!

  14. Betsy Burtis says:

    I’m on the board of a small nonprofit and we are in desperate need of help in this area!

  15. Our nonprofit has gone through a sea change in fundraising strategy over the past 18 months – with some success and a lot of learning. Part of that process was to hire a wonderful new Development Director, and having read the Management 101 book I know this would be a wonderful resource for her! Thanks so much for the opportunity, and for all your helpful blogs!

  16. Deb Zinn says:

    Will share with Ethiopian NGO managers.

  17. Beth, your blog and books are inspirational. I’m interested in any project you’re excited about.

  18. Darian Rodriguez Heyman says:

    So glad to see all the interest in the book- it’s out as of the 11th next Monday, but you can order your copy now so you get it when it first is released! Thanks again to Beth for agreeing to share her insights in the chapter on fundraising with social media & crowdfunding.

  19. Thanks for providing this resource and offering a giveaway! I’m .5 of 1.5 staff members for our organization’s second branch, so I need proven ideas on how to effectively and efficiently engage volunteers to help with fundraising, and how to make the most of my own staff hours. I’m currently making personal thank you calls to most donors, and I’d particularly like info on effective thank yous. Thanks!

  20. Christy Burkey says:

    Just found your blog. Look forward to the book.

  21. Rachel M says:

    Our organization is newly formed and I’m the first ED hired. We are in our first year and still trying our best to figure it all out. I try my best to ready as much as possible to become as informed as I can and help our volunteers become educated. This book would be another wonderful addition to our library!

  22. I love reading books on nonprofits, especially when the topic is fundraising.

    I’ve been a fundraiser for 7 years, but I’m in a very small office of only 3 development staff, so I read a lot about best practices to get ideas on improving fundraising success at the org I work for, and the one I’m on the board of.

  23. Albine says:

    I am new to the fundraising world and would love this book! I enjoy learning and reading, and this would be perfect for my collection!

  24. SBlackwell says:

    Always love reading about new ideas to spice up a fundraising plan!

  25. Joanna says:

    New year, new job. Trying to build up my fundraising bookshelf with good resources at my new job!

  26. Norman Reiss says:

    My firm is trying to focus a bit more on fundraising now instead of relying solely on grants

  27. Kellie Connaughton says:

    We recently formed a new chapter of AFP here in Central Washington. We have so many small non profits in our area that are very excited about learning new ways for practice and reaching donors who share their vision. We hope to have a lending library for our chapter. This would be a great start. Thanks for all you wisdom and sharing throughout the year.

  28. Mark says:

    As a board member of a small nonprofit, we have watched our fundraising efforts sputter along and stall for too long now. We could use some expert advice to help us move out of our routine and really make some headway. Thank you for this opportunity!

  29. Lisa D. says:

    Congratulations on the new book, Darian. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for the opportunity, Beth.

  30. Michele says:

    As a first-time (and brand new!) Executive Director of a small non-profit (1.25 staff people!) whose sole mission is to raise funds to support county parks, I am so eager to absorb all the creative ideas out there for raising money. I will read this book cover to cover!

  31. Allie says:

    Hi Beth! I’m a longtime follower of yours. Love (and use) all of your helpful tips!

    I started a job at a very small nonprofit a few months ago, where I am tasked with doing all of the development, special events, and communications/marketing work. All of our operating budget comes from grants (another task!), but I’ve been working hard to diversify our funding sources and cultivate individual donors. I think the book would be a huge help in this endeavor, and I look forward to reading it!


  32. Helen Barclay says:

    I am interested in learning more about how ‘doing something good’ in the world can be successfully and sustainably at the heart of an organisation. I’d love to read this book and it is a pleasure to come across your blog, Beth!

  33. Lia Turk says:

    As a freelance volunteer doing fundraising, primarily via events, but also communications/marketing and development tasks for various nonprofits, always with limited funds and unable to up the ante for anything fancy — I’ll take any tried and true advice! Darian’s first book was great, cannot wait to explore the second. Any anything that Beth recommends is worthwhile! Many thanks for sharing a copy. Cheers and ciao.

  34. Thank you Beth for this generous gesture.
    We are in South Africa and need to keep up with global trends that start in the US.
    Happy 2016 to ALL

  35. Thank you so much for such an awesome gesture! Always looking for opportunities, expertise, & advice on fundraising with my nonprofit as a grassroots organization.

    Best of luck to every commenter and here’s to an amazingly successful 2016 for us all!

    Love & Light!

  36. Tina Engberg says:

    Dear Beth
    I had the plesure of participating in your 90 minuttes workshop on ideagenerating for crowdfunding at the IFC. I got at least two new fantastic ideas for campaigns.
    I like to wind the book for several reasons:
    – allthough we are a 140 year old NGO, I established the fundraising department 6 month ago. I still need a lot of inspiration to focus on the right tasks to be successfull.
    – I’m also teaching graduate students at Copenhagen Business School, and I’m always in search for new litterature to inspire them

  37. Andres says:

    Many thanks Beth for the offer.
    It’d be very interesting to read about Darian’s tips on Fundraising, and share them with the organizations I work with in Uruguay.
    Happy new year to all.


  38. Lauren says:

    Beth, I have been following you for awhile and you inspired me to leave my previous career and jump into the nonprofit world. This is my first week as Development Officer, so I CANNOT wait for Darian’s book to be published! Happy New Year!

  39. Raquel says:

    This would be a great book to have in our nonprofits collection! It could provide an overview to board members and staff who may not be familiar with fundraising techniques!

  40. Skip says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    We are actively raising funds for our library to establish a STEM lab to (re)train adults to work for our growing maker industry. Raising money for a nonprofit is very new to us and we can appreciate all advice and guidance.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

  41. Jill Kinnett says:

    As the newly appointed President of our NFP board, I am struggling with inheriting a board that does not want to do fundraising themselves or support fundraising efforts of the organization. To say I need help is an understatement! This book would be a great way to help me find creative ways to explain about why’s and how’s of fundraising and hopefully get the other directors to feel more comfortable about participating in it.

    Thank you! – Jill

  42. Melissa Maki says:

    Who couldn’t use more tips for fundraising?!

  43. The New Year is a great time to take stock and see what’s working and not working. This book may be just what I need to try something new. Thanks!

  44. Thanks Beth for letting me know about this book. I will add it to my reading list and recommend it as a resource to my clients. Your work is very helpful to me since social media is critical to relationship building. No relationships, no funds and no engagement!

  45. Lisa says:

    I am a Fund Development Officer for a community college. I’ve been in this role for almost 3 months. I was a Capital Campaign Coordinator for 2 years prior. I’ve worked with Campaign Cabinets and volunteers in both roles and focused on major gifts. As a young professional, I would like to get more experience and ideas for how to optimize my job. Reading about other people’s experience would be great. I also like that this book covers such a range of topics because being in non profit you have to be adaptable and learn on the fly. I think this book would be a great tool in professional development.

  46. Steve in pgh says:

    I am looking for social media topics, speakers and a companion book to anchor sessions at two national conferences in 2016. This book summary sounds promising as a potential candidate to help over 100 orgs that attend and need the help with social media.

  47. Carrie S says:

    This sounds like an amazing resource! Thanks Beth and Darian!

  48. Darian Rodriguez Heyman says:

    Steve in pgh- Thanks for your interest and even if you don’t win the giveaway, I can likely have my publisher (Wiley & Sons) send you a free copy of the book depending on the size of the conference. Also able to do that for anyone out there leading university programs or classes that is considering making the book mandatory reading. Anyone interested can email me at darian at darianheyman dot com.

  49. Looks like a great book…never stop learning. I look forward to reading this.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

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