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Win These Two Books: Measure What Matters or Social Media ROI


Please join Zoetica in celebrating the release of two books, Katie Delahaye Paine‘s Measure What Matters and Olivier Blanchard‘s Social Media ROI. Zoetica is giving away five free copies of each book today to the first 10 people who answer the question, “Why will ROI never die?” If you want to win a copy, please leave your answer in the comments section (responses that do not address the questions seriously will not win). Congratulations, Katie and Olivier!

14 Responses

  1. Chloe Collins says:

    Because “ROI”, defines an organization projected growth in various metrics from development to production.

  2. Carole Anne Piccinin says:

    Because ROI gives you a sense of how to adjust your initiatives for greater impact or reach.

  3. Charlotte Dion says:

    Because harried nonprofits can’t invest in something that doesn’t pay off. Getting across the why and how of measuring ROI beyond dollars raised is the challenge for proponents of social media.

  4. Kelly says:

    ROI won’t die because you need to make sure that all your efforts aren’t made in vain.

  5. Fatima says:

    ROI will never die because it is what helps you determine & mold the track of your organization & you make both your short term & long term plans keeping the ROI in mind.

  6. Paulo Oliveira says:

    It is constantly necessary to measure outcomes (even on our day to day life).
    For a brand, at macro level it is necessary to measure influence in behaviors (quick example: generating awareness) and economic success (quick example: cost savings / improve sales)
    ROI is the fuel of economy, thus while there’s economy, there will be ROI.

  7. Eugene Flynn says:

    Because smart organisations realise that you need to target your objectives, measure, learn, improve.

  8. Tobi Johnson says:

    The same reason the nurse won’t stop taking your vitals every time you go to the doctor’s office — they need to know how you are doing, if you are progressing or getting worse, and if you need intervention to cure what pains ya!

  9. Kami Huyse says:

    Hey everyone. To win the prize you have to leave your comments here:

    Just chiming in because Beth is in the Middle East and may not get back here to make that clear 🙂

  10. Ami Kim says:

    ROI will never die because it’s a metric that people who are not non-profit insiders understand, and it’s a metric that can make major donors and other stakeholders comfortable with making large contributions. ROI is a broadly understood measure of value.

  11. Maybe the term ROI will die… but the concept of return on investment is a concept that will last for a long time. Maybe it will only change name.
    Somebody in a conference suggested Return on Ignoring, implying that ignoring social media is a cost, and that should be kept in account when evaluating a social media campaign.

  12. Chris Mitchell says:

    There is a need to move beyond the fluff and prettiness of what has been termed “marketing” for far too long. Measuring what we do, how much we spend, and what it actually contributes to the business is sorely missing.ROI will not die because folks are finally realizing that just marketing with an image and concepts that make you feel good, get praise from a Board of Directors, or owners/investors is not enough. There needs to be a direct connection to business development and growth. ROI measuring will prove to be vital to success. @devilblue82

  13. Because without investment, there is no return.