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6 Copies of Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding Book Giveaway and New Year Resolution Contest


Note from Beth: Carol Cone was kind enough to offer several copies of her a book as a giveaway.   Leave a comment on this post explaining what your organization’s singular, most important activity will be in 2011 that will at-once drive social impact, engage supporters and increase revenues.

Deadline: December 23rd

About the book:

At a time when nonprofits are growing globally, and as the U.S. and world economies slowly sputter back to life, competition for donors, volunteers, and partners has never been more intense.  Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding, a new book by Carol Cone, Jocelyne Daw, Kristian Darigan Merenda and Anne Erhard, offers a detailed roadmap to help an organization develop a brand meaning that articulates what the organization stands for, the compelling, focused idea that sets it apart and is meaningful to its supporters. In doing so, a nonprofit can rise above the competitive fray to more effectively reach stakeholders and make a significant impact on the communities they serve. The authors based the book on their decades of combined experience working with nonprofits, and on in-depth case studies of eleven visionary organizations.

The book is a vital office resource for nonprofit leaders and employees, board members, volunteers, communications professionals, development consultants, professors, students, and anyone interested in helping an organization transform its brand meaning from an ordinary trademark to a strategic competitive advantage.

To learn more about Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding, click here.

42 Responses

  1. francesco says:

    My organization (www.agescibologna.it) most important activity will be the education of young people (8-21 years old) through the scout method. In 2011 we’ll organize some camps to learn how to survive in the wild nature (how to build a place to sleep, how to light a fire and so on) and how to educate young boys and girls. These are activity that we want to create in order to increase the number of people that volunteer in the local scouts groups

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  3. Andy Dubosky says:

    Our organization, a homeless services provider, has been been working with several schools in the region to increase awareness about homelessness in our city and surrounding counties. I am planning to step up the engagement with this important social group by requesting short video clips of students giving their impressions about the reality of poverty & homelessness and what they might do about helping to end homelessness. We plan to post these and create dialog with our support base.

  4. The Center for Health, Media and Policy’s targeted activity is to raise the voices of health professionals by preparing them to use traditional and new media as a health promotion tool to influence public debates, shape public policy and engage the public in important conversations about health and health care, including what’s in the Affordable Care Act and how it will benefit individuals, families, communities, and the nation. In 2009, talk of “death panels” put fear about health care reform legislation into the hearts and minds of the public. Health professionals knew that this rhetoric was pre-empting reasoned discussions of how the nation could improve end-of-life care for Medicare beneficiaries simply by paying for periodic crucial conversations about the wishes of patients and families. Nurses, social workers, physicians, psychologists, and others spoke among themselves about their concerns that it was no longer “safe” to discuss in public the policies that could improve how we die. But many felt unprepared for entering the public debate that was raging in the media. The absence of their voices has stalled policy developments that are needed to enable people to die with dignity and support. This is one issue of many that can be better addressed if more health professionals were better prepared to bring their voices to the table.
    Thank you,
    Barbara Glickstein

  5. Jim Kelly says:

    The Dublin Institute if Technology (DIT) was recently included in a Government capital investment programme to move it from 39 locations around Dublin city – to one new campus. The deal is that DIT fund 50% of the investment, of which a minimum of 10% must be from a philanthropic source. DIT has no marketing / brand department and has set up a Foundation to co-ordinate this. The Foundation now has to articulate a brand promise that outlines what the organization stands for. It has to pull together 39 differenet mind-sets and focus on one purpose – one DIT – one campus.The book described above, would appear to be an excellent resource to have, to assist this brand building challenge !

  6. Jeff Power says:

    In 2011 we’re testing having individual blogs for the individual poor villages we help in Africa, the MidEast and Asia. And we’re sending young English-speaking interns to live in those villages for a semester, updating the blogs with pics, vids and stories so the world can see how we help transform poor villages!

  7. In 2011, Atlas Corps will engage 50 nonprofit leaders from 25 countries in 100,000 service hours to more than 35 organizations in the U.S. and abroad. These organizations will increase capacity and enhance outreach while these nonprofit leaders gain new skills and increase their network. The result is a global network of organizations and individuals who are working smarter and improving the world on local, national, and regional levels. Collaboration is key!

  8. Bobbie Lewis says:

    We are hoping to start a Facebook campaign to inform people about foster care and the need for foster/adoptive parents. We are hoping to find a corporate partner who will donate $1 for everyone who clicks on an informational page about the issue.

  9. Devin says:

    This year Capital Area Asset Builders will be lauching our CAAB in the Community program. This is an effort to bring our financial education classes, asset building services and tax education and preparation into the underserved communities of Wards 7 & 8 in DC and Maryland’s Prince George’s County.

    By leveraging hundreds of volunteers as tax preparers, Savings Promoters, financial educations and credit repair coaches CAAB’s impact and footprint is much larger then then 8 staff working full time at the organization. The kick off event, to be held in April (to coincide with the last week of the Tax Season), will be the nexus point for volunteers, clients, community members, funders and local politicians to see the organization, its work, and how they can get involved.

  10. Lindsay says:

    My organization puts tutors in schools to work one-on-one with kids to strategically target their reading skills and make them better readers. I’m working on developing a volunteer model that keeps the integrity of our program while engaging community and corporate volunteers and stakeholders.

  11. Project Animal Worldwide will be investing its focus and energy twofold. An island-wide educational campaign in Puerto Rico to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering and vaccinating their dogs and cats, in hopes of alleviating the drastic conditions for the 100,000+ “satos” (street dogs) that are homeless and roaming the beaches and streets of PR.
    We will be looking for major sponsors to make this a long-term campaign that will extend to all areas of the island.

    Second, organize local veterinarians, municipalities and animal rescue
    organizations in working together to provide low-cost spay/neuter and
    promote adoption of the satos.

  12. Clayton Miller says:

    I will empower the staff that I work with at the National MS Society to engage quality volunteers in as many creative, productive jobs as I can imagine so that the capacity of our organization to make a difference can continue to grow.

  13. Michelle says:

    Tanenbaum will transform the practice of medicine by getting our book “The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence” into the hands of doctors-in-training. This will help us reach the maximum number of patients,will bring in revenue through book sales, and the creation of medical school curricula will be an exciting new project that will revitalize our donor base.

  14. Sarah says:

    My organization works with50+ population on issues of utilties, health care education, and so much more. As a social media strategist and marketing coordinator t
    this books would be extremely useful in assisting with plans 2011 Hunger initiative.

  15. I’m the director of eGiving at my local United Way. Our most important activities next year will be in improving the way that we communicate and engage with our community. People know who we are but are still at a loss to explain what it is we do (even though it’s all around them). We have to better integrate what we learn about our supporters so that we can speak directly to them instead of the “general audience”. It’s not easy…

  16. My organization’s, IT Stuff for Nonprofits, entire mission is about supporting other nonprofits in their social media efforts. There are so many fantastic resources out there but such little understanding in the npo world about how to leverage social media for the purposes of engagement. We want to be hold the hands of small nonprofits and bring them into the social media age without fear but with confidence and excitement. We want to help them tap into the energy that they have for their missions and share it with the world.

  17. Karissa says:

    Our most important activity will be the launch or our public relations campaign. This campaign will highlight our services, clients, staff, and legal aid as a whole. The materials will target specific audiences. We have identified 3 targets: 1) the general public to raise awareness about legal services, correct misconceptions, and brand Prairie State Legal Services. 2) Politicians. Because our major funding sources come from state and federal budgets, we will target local, state, and federal reps to identify key needs in their areas and how our organization can meet those needs. Also to make a direct case to why our services are so vital. 3) Legal Community. These are the current donors and supporters of the organization, but there are many who still do not participate in pro bono or giving opportunities. We will highlight the importance of donating time/money through testimonials and stats. This is the most important initiative because our organization is facing extreme budget cuts and misconceptions throughout the communities we serve. This effort will bring about a better understanding of legal services and our organization, bring in new donors and funding sources, and create better connections throughout our service area. With this one campaign, we hope to make a significant impact so we can continue to provide services to a population that continues to rise.

  18. In 2011, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville (VA) will start building its precedent setting project, Sunrise Park. Sunrise is the first trailer park redevelopment in the country that will transform a trailer park into a mixed-income neighborhood WITHOUT displacing the trailer park residents. The project will create a model for compassionate redevelopment that can be replicated in hundreds if not thousands of communities. Trailer parks are the housing of last resort in many communities, but the sad fact is that those housed there may own their trailer but often do not own the land beneath it. They face the possibility of losing their home when redevelopment threatens. This model lets communities create new affordable housing in beautiful neighborhoods, and uses the strength of the market to help pay for it.

  19. Mary says:

    My organization’s goal for next year will be to engage our youth in creating a multi-media awareness campaign for youth in foster care and teen adoption. We aim to do this with local non-profit media orgs and to do it in a way that creatively addresses privacy issues. It will build awareness of our organization, expand community networks and support and increase value in a key program. Confirms govt funding for program and potential for others and is valuable positioning for further donor fundraising.

  20. My biggest objective in 2011 is to get my new non-profit, Postpartum Progress, up and running. Before I can start changing the way women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are served, I’ve got to make the case and get the funding. Lots to do! Now following you diligently …

  21. @jasoninman says:

    2011 singular most important activity:

    Responding genuinely and personally to EVERY social moment involving Convoy of Hope. Period.

  22. Kim Andrews says:

    As volunteer shop manager for the RNLI my charity’s big mission is already well-known and clearly stated: Saving Lives at Sea. As an individual my challenge for 2011 is to help my volunteers feel engaged with all activities the RNLI undertakes, and to make sure that connection between selling a tea-towel and getting a call-out to a life at risk is clear to all. Without the hard-work of all the people filling shelves and ringing-up on tills, the guys at the sharp end risking their lives would be stood on the shore with no tools to do the job. I think that gets forgotten, and I need to reinforce that knowledge in everybody’s head.

  23. Meredith says:

    The Ella Baker Center is launching a new program called Reclaim the Future. This workshop and connected education and service program helps people understand the peril and promise of our times and demonstrates what’s possible when we all work together, giving them a launching point for long-term engagement in making our city thrive.

  24. Leslie says:

    Our professional organization at the national level has started to use social media to help promote the profession but at the state level, we are “on our own.” I have submitted a proposal to the state chapter to set up a social media strategy and plan and get it going over the next four months. One of the biggest challenges we have is that our membership is “aging” and is less likely to use social media but our up-and-coming professionals are social media savy. Getting the older folks on board to see the value of social media is my biggest challenge. This book is exactly what I need for this project. As always, I am so thankful to Beth and your blog for introducing me to useful tools! If I don’t win the book, I will buy it!

  25. Liberty Hill invests in community leaders at the frontlines of change in Los Angeles. We’re one of a handful of social justice (non-endowed) foundations in the U.S. that supports community organizing with grants and leadership training.

    Each January, we launch our “Grassroots Leaders To Watch.” (See http://www.libertyhill.org/Page.aspx?pid=358 for the 2010 leaders.) The campaign brings focus to multi-issue social change work and helps brand Liberty Hill as the go-to place in Los Angeles for make-or-break grassroots campaigns in the coming year. Many grassroots organizations are watching our effort to market community organizing closely so that they can learn from our successes – and mistakes! (-:

  26. Waqas Ali says:

    In 2011 we are helping LifeSaver’s project of “Safe Injections for Pakistan” [http://on.fb.me/gNnC0f] which will result into saving millions of lives and so on. Best thing about those syringe is that they can never be reused and are economical too.

    Secondly, for my own NPO Indo-Pak Peace Media. [http://facebook.com/IndoPakPM]
    We shall organize meetups of people in India & Pakistan which is very much needed for both nations. 🙂

  27. Alison says:

    NPower Seattle’s single most important accomplishment for 2011 will be publishing our nonprofit IT Best Practices guidelines. We’re going to work hard to banish all bad technology choices.

  28. Susan Fine says:

    The Women’s Center of Tarrant County has a name problem, as we serve women, men and children…about 82,000 a year.
    We are NOT a shelter. We are Rape Crisis and Victim Services, Employment (80% placement rate for women and men), Adult Literacy, general counseling for women and families, legal clinic…and on and on. Though we’ve been serving the community of Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas for 31 years, we are challenged with people understanding our programs, since we are not ONE program, but many. We finished a 5-year Strategic Planning this year and marketing and branding are at the top of the list.

  29. Sarah Allen says:

    My business supports an organisation called Entoure (www.entoure.com.au) in Australia who stages challenging events to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for critically injured kids.

    Next year, we hope to develop Entoure’s presence online to provide a truly virtual counterpart to their cycle and fitness events so that our online supporters and friends of the cyclists can experience all the effort in preparing for the ride and they 400km/3 day challenge itself – with blogs, videos, images, live commentary, audio intervieww. We want to reach new markets and better engage with existing supporters to bring them closer to the caring Entoure community.

    We also want to better empower our participants and supporters to spread the word about Entoure by developing content for our social media channels that is unique, exclusive and kick-ass!

  30. Akili Dada is nurturing the next generation of African women leaders by offering scholarships, mentoring, and leadership training to brilliant young women from underprivileged backgrounds. Functioning as a leadership incubator, our integrated approach identifies high potential adolescent girls and offers them competitive and comprehensive scholarships to ensure that they gain access to high quality education.
    2011 is the year of branding for Akili Dada so in addition to continuing our vital programs, we are also focusing on getting the word out and engaging volunteers with service learning trips to Kenya!

  31. Ari Herzog says:

    I do business as Ari Herzog & Associates, and I am already making my 2011 resolutions to leverage my state/local government administration background and refocus my work to help public-facing policymaking organizations (government, academic, and nonprofit)with their marketing and communications needs, inclusive of social media.

    There is a vast need in communities that are under-resourced to provide web resources to their constituents. I intend to ally with Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and similar organizations to help them understand what the people are clamoring for, and to implement online systems to bridge the divide.

    This book would be very helpful. Thanks!

  32. marlene says:

    YWCA of O’ahu: we are 110 years old, and while we continue to empower women, in the era of ‘networked nonprofits’ we are trying to shift “how” we do this away from the traditional transaction (the YWCA tells and members receive) to the transformational engagement (the YWCA asks and listens as members tell).

    This has completely impacted the operations of our day-to-day. It also means we must change the YWCA story.

    The act of listening first and then responding – not in isolation but through and with others in the community – is a shift in our role. We are no longer the ‘doers’ but ‘connectors’ who catalyze change by listening to our members, and connecting them to the resources they need to accomplish their goals. It was a simple equation that built a movement of 20,000 women in Hawaii at our peak.

    We have programs for women and programs for girls, but the commonality is the single most important activity for us in 2011 and beyond: being the best at being connectors – connecting women to tools, resources and each other – so she is empowered to make positive change for herself, her family, and ultimately, her community.

  33. Our singular most important activity will be crafting our message so the entire community can understand who Polk Arts Alliance is, what we do, why the arts are important and how the arts make our lives better and make Polk County a great place to live.

  34. Ali says:

    For my organization, we are planning on something very simple – to make this the year we get one-on-one with our donors, our participants and our volunteers. We are going to use those folks that are already engaged with us as our voice – encouraging them to become active with us, and for them to spread that knowledge.

  35. Alana says:

    Compass Partners offers a training program to student social entrepreneurs. This social business training program is available to student “fellows” and offers intensive personal development as well as providing access to local resources. One of the overarching themes of Compass Partners is to build a large network of individuals working towards a social good. We have already begun this process in 5 Universities and will continue to grow nationally. In 2011 we will expand the outreach of each of these fellows by increasing their online presence. Each fellow will learn to promote their cause and idea by utilizing new media tactics and supporting one another through the Compass network. This is an amazing group of young individuals committed to utilizing the most innovative and creative ideas for their community. We want to share their achievements!

  36. Bill Soule says:

    Mobilizing 1 million people! in 2011 to be involved in disaster training programs leading up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, called the “March to 1 Million” program. Now that’s social impact! It kicked off December 1st at USA Today headquarters with a summit meeting.

    We’re the Safe America Foundation. http://www.safeamericaprepared.org

    In 2010, SAF’s “Drill Down for Safety” project mobilized nearly 800,000 people with national texting drills! Underwritten by Motorola, UPS Foundation along with support from Verizon.

    Another feature of the program will be Safe America’s recruitment of First Ladies/Spouses in ALL 50 states to lead local, state educational efforts — building on West Virginia First Lady Gayle Manchin and her husband, Governor and Senator-Elect Joe Manchin’s efforts that reached 40 states in 2010 and had the active involvement of Governors and First Spouses in Kentucky, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Washington state, West Virginia, Iowa, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Utah and Tennessee.

  37. Kelly says:

    We are looking at implementing a new digital strategy for our organization @ http://www.211ontario.ca – we have a huge database that we are looking to polish off with a solid social media strategy and new interface.

    You can also check us out at http://www.twitter.com/211ontario



  38. ami kim says:

    my organization is just getting started in the social media arena, so almost every step will hopefully add value.

  39. Harambee International’s main goal for 2011 is educating and creating awareness of early childhood mortality rate in Karamoja northeastern region of Uganda.In this region 100 children younger than five years die each week of preventable illnesses.

  40. Michigan Primary Care Association’s main goal for 2011 is to create awareness about Community Health Centers and their role in health reform. Community Health Centers provide comprehensive, quality primary and preventive health care to 20 million people across the country, and their doors are open to everyone regardless of income or insurance status. We believe that health care is a right, not a privilege.

  41. Kathrin says:

    Do Good Lab empowers local leaders in developing countries: http://www.do-good-lab.org/
    Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
    We will establish a volunteer program for companies in 2011. Employees can work with a Do Good Lab partner, raise money and empower more leaders!

  42. Charlie Age says:

    I think nowadays virtual assistants make the most of most current systems to generate their companies as well as speak with clients. This also article is incredibly informative.It seems like becoming a good thing for learners as it may help because of their future.