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My Triple Ripple of Kindness: Helping Women in San Jose and Kenya

I’ve been complaining about Apple’s anti-charity approach, but for this post I want to share an example about how one company is encouraging acts of kindness and charity during the holiday season.   It comes from Apple’s  Silicon Valley neighbor, Yahoo. … Read More

If we want to change Apple’s iPhone Donation Policy ….

Apple makes it really difficult for nonprofits to collect donations from within iPhone apps (read Jake Shapiro’s Editorial or  this post about why Apple pulled PayPal’s app).  Here’s more about why it is important.   As the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported last Friday, Apple’s policy has raised the ire of some nonprofits leaders and there is a online petition with almost 2,000 signatures collected so far sending Mr.… Read More

Corporate Altruism: The Blurring of the Lines Between CSR and Cause Marketing

Corporate Altruism: The Blurring of the Lines Between CSR and Cause Marketing by Kami Watson Huyse and Beth Kanter

Aligning with a cause is a great way for a for-profit company to both raise its profile while doing something good for society at large. … Read More

Twitter’s Claire Williams Shares Why Literacy Is Her Cause

Note from Beth: As a supporter of the work that the Sharing Foundation does for children in Cambodia, I’ve seen first hand the value of literacy programs in developing countries.   The Sharing Foundation started this Khmer Literacy program for young children of farm workers in Cambodia – that helped these children learn to read and write in their native language and enter school.     

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