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What can you learn by visualizing your Twitter network?

When we apply a network mindset to the way we work – whether as an individual or as part of a network strategy,  we believe that value is created through our connections, interactions and building relationships.  That’s social capital and it does have value.  … Read More

E-Mediat: Beirut Bound – Guess What’s In My Suitcase?

Today, I’m headed to Beirut, Lebanon for the E-Mediat project, a multi-stakeholder capacity building  project for NGOS and Social Media in the Middle East.   I’ll be sharing insights about the project as it unfolds here on my blog and other social media channels, including #Emediat tag on Twitter.… Read More

All Eyes on Egypt

Last year, I connected with Stephanie Rudat over a year ago when we were both named on a list of  11 Twitter Activists You Should Be Following.   (It is also how I met Mark Horvath, an activist for homelessness).  Stephanie is the founder of the Alliance of Youth Movements.… Read More

Spotlight on Social Media, Crowdsourced Translation, Egyptian Protests and Diplomacy

I’ve been closely following the use of social media for activism the Arab world given the project I’m about to begin work on at the end of the February.   Jillian York, a US-based blogger who free expression, politics, and the Internet, with particular focus on the Arab world and also write for Global Voices (see their special coverage of the Egyptian protests  here.… Read More

How Networked Nonprofits Visualize Their Networks

Network Nonprofits Map Their Networks

Photo Tweeted by @starfocus during a network mapping session at NWF

Two weeks ago, the social media maven from the National Wildlife Federation, Danielle Brigida, tweeted the above photo showing how they were mapping one of their networks with one of my favorite low tech tools:  sticky notes.   … Read More