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A Homecoming Trip To Cambodia

By the time you read this post,  I’ll be in Cambodia.   For those of you who have been following my blogging since 2004, you know why Cambodia is in my heart!   For those of you who are new, let me share why.… Read More

How A Small Nonprofit Effectively Used Facebook Ads

Placing ads on Facebook provides a targeted advertising strategy because Facebook knows the demographics and interests of its millions of users.     If you want to get up to speed quickly about the ins and outs of using Facebook ads, Andrea Vahl, co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, has written this terrific free e-book guide for Hubspot.    … Read More

A New Year: A New Learning Journey Begins

I spent a very quiet holiday with family at Half Moon Bay and taking a New Year’s hike on Ano Nuevo to see the elephant seals.     Nature hikes and down time with family are nourishing and replenishing.

As I watched the last sunset of 2011 fade over the Pacific Ocean,   I wanted to formally say farewell to Zoetica, the company I co-founded with Geoff Livingston and Kami Huyse that we announced in January, 2010 one day after my birthday, and one day before the Haiti Earthquake.    … Read More

TechSoup Global Summit Day 1: Networks

I spent today at day 1 of the TechSoup Global Summit in Mountain View with two hundred and forty people who work in the TechSoup Global Network around the world, plus other stakeholders.   I’ve been involved with TechSoup/Netsquared Network since its inception back six years ago and so it is nice to be part of the narrative arc.  … Read More

Practical and Tactical Social Media for Nonprofits

If you are wondering about the chart, it came a cool free tool called ““  It will analyze your Twitter audience, Facebook  page, and even your email box by grabbing the data and dumping it into a spreadsheet.  You pay per export and right now you can pay with a Tweet.… Read More