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Two Ways To Use Crowdsourcing for Face-to-Face Conferences

Crowdsourcing is the process of organizing many people to participate in a joint project, often in small ways.   The results are greater than an individual or organization could accomplish alone.  There are many examples of crowdsourcing techniques used by nonprofits and foundations and The Networked Nonprofit devoted an entire chapter to the topic.… Read More

The Story of Stuff: An Inspiring Example of A Network in Action


Last week at the TechSoup Global Summit, I had an opportunity to meet Annie Leonard and do a quick interview about their lessons learned working as a networked. … Read More

TechSoup Global Summit: Inspiration Overload

I spent the last two days at the TechSoup Global Summit getting inspiration overload about social media, networks, social network mapping, networks of networks,  global peer learning, building a sector, nonprofit technology, and many other ideas I’m passionate about.  But it wasn’t just the ideas, it was also the people and making connections to colleagues I’ve known for more than a decade and connections to new people.… Read More

TechSoup Global Summit Day 1: Networks

I spent today at day 1 of the TechSoup Global Summit in Mountain View with two hundred and forty people who work in the TechSoup Global Network around the world, plus other stakeholders.   I’ve been involved with TechSoup/Netsquared Network since its inception back six years ago and so it is nice to be part of the narrative arc.  … Read More

Integrating A Network Mindset Into Your Daily Work

Adopting a networked mindset is believing in abundance rather than scarcity.   Scarcity thinking is the conviction that we need to do everything ourselves.   That holds us back from embracing  networked ways of working.  This is especially important if you want to be effective using social media for your organization, but it is bigger than that.  … Read More