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Social Media Dashboard DesignTips from the Smithsonian Institution Archives

Note from Beth: After a brief conversation about new ways to access web-based “visitors” in the comments section of  a recent blog post on dashboards,  Dan generously offer to write a post about developing an in-house dashboard as part of his work at the Smithsonian Institution Archives.  

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Living Case Studies: Integrated Social Media Strategy for Sustainable Agriculture

As part of my work this year as Visiting Scholar at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation,  I’m designing and delivering peer training sessions for grantees all around the theme of social media, learning, and measurement.  … Read More

You Can Stand Up for Health Care on Twitter and Facebook, What About On Google +?

With the debt ceiling debate raging in our nation’s capital, health care advocates have kicked into high gear and are using new social media tactics to engage elected officials in the fight to protect health care rights — Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.… Read More

Dashboard Design Principles

Dashboards are a nonprofit’s best friend because they can be powerful tools in communicating your organization’s important measurement data at a glance.   If a dashboard fails to tell you what need in glance, then you’ve wasted all that data collection time.   … Read More

Networked Learning Loops Through Benchmarking

In the Networked Nonprofit “Learning Loops, we  illustrated how networked nonprofits do a real-time, lighter assessment process as they engage their community and make improvements and adjustments along the way.   Some describe this as   “try it and fix it.”  … Read More