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Charity Donations: Is there an App for that?

Cartoon by Rob Cottingham

Note From Beth: While I posted this guest post on Huffington Post and was doing a bad job of photoshopping Grinches and Jobs, my colleague, created this cartoon and wrote this post about Apple’s iPhone donation policy.   

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Send Steve Jobs A Message: Let Us Give Donations on the iPhone

Original image from dakiny in Flickr

Yesterday,  I explained why I’ve decided to ditch my iPhone and get an Android.   In short,  Apple makes it really difficult for nonprofits to collect donations from within iPhone apps (read Jake Shapiro’s Editorial or  this post about why Apple pulled PayPal’s app). … Read More

Why I’m Gonna Ditch My Iphone for Android (hint: donation apps)

Back in June, I wrote about how unfriendly Apple’s Iphone donation app policy was when I came across this editorial by Jake Shapiro, the CEO of PRX, (the company behind the popular This American Life iPhone and Public Radio Player apps), arguing that Apple’s policy of barring solicitation of donations by nonprofit groups is a cop-out and blocks a major revenue stream for public radio (and other nonprofits)—whose content enhances the value of Apple’s devices.… Read More

Give 30 Minutes to Help Pakistan!

I’ve been a board member of Ushahidi for 6 months.  Ushahidi builds tools for democratizing information, increasing transparency and lowering the barriers for individuals to share their stories.   It  was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008 and has been used for many other projects, including tracking disaster relief efforts in Haiti. … Read More

Facebook Place: Time To Check Into Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Source: Facebook Blog Post

Earlier this week, Facebook added  “where” to the list of personal information members share with the world.  There was much speculation what this feature might mean for FourSquare and the subsequent riddles, “What happens when you add Foursquare to Facebook?… Read More