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Share Your Posts on Measurement and Learning from Your Data: January Blog Carnival

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As KD Paine and I wrote in “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” measuring your social media channels, overall communications or marketing strategy is not a form of voodoo black magic; it is an art and a science.… Read More

Nine Digital Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from charity: water

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Note From Beth: The power of observation is key to learning and perfecting any practice or skill.    Observation is not just scanning or browsing, but looking at another organization’s practice with a critical thinking lens and gaining insights.    

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Advancing Social Media Measurement for Philanthropic Outcomes #sm_re

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How do you measure your network to learn how to improve outcomes?   That was one of many questions raised at during a Twitter Chat last week around the #sm_re hashtag.     … Read More

Non-Profit Leaders as Personal Brands

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Note From Beth: I recently keynoted the Social Good Brasil conference and one of the other speakers was Simon Mainwaring who gave an amazing keynote about social branding.    His talk resonated with some of the ideas around how nonprofits can use a network mindset and leverage the professional networks of senior leaders of nonprofits.  

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Bringing a Network Mindset to Board Development

I just published a blog post over at the SSIR blog called “Bringing a Network Mindset to Board Development.”    If you thinking about combining a network mindset with social networking tools, you and your board can recruit both the best talent to join your board and the people with the best networks.… Read More