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What I Learned From Adam Grant About Givers

Yesterday, at the Points of Light annual Conference on Volunteering and Service I attended a session called “It’s About Science! Unpacking the Relationship Between Volunteering, the Brain and the Body” featuring author Adam Grant, “Give and Take.”     The session was focused on the connection between volunteering and business benefits.… Read More

Giving 2.0 ProjectU

Stanford University lecturer Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen teaches students at Stanford about how to master philanthropy.   The author of the book, Giving 2.0, has just released all her teaching notes and syllabi, along with philanthropy library.  The idea is simple – by open sourcing her materials, she hopes to inspire more colleges to incorporate courses on philanthropy in their curriculum.… Read More

Reflections from Stanford Nonprofit Management Institute: New Skills for a Complex World

“New Skills for a Complex World” was the theme of the seventh annual Nonprofit Management Institute, a two-day conference for several hundred nonprofit leaders sponsored by the Stanford Social Innovation Review and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) earlier this week.    … Read More

Wiser Giving: What’s Your Giving Style?

Flickr Photo by Time Anchor

Shel Israel describes social or goodwill fundraising (individual raising money and giving to causes)  as the “cult of generosity” – I would like to call “Individual Social Responsibility” – like there is “Corporate Social Responsibility,”  it is also important for  individuals to be generous.  … Read More

What is your “Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)?

with Rufina Fernandez and Rajen Varada

After finishing a four-day intensive training in Delhi for the Networked NGO, I stayed on a few days in India to visit colleague, Rufina Fernandez, who I met when she was the CEO of the Nasscom Foundation when she brought me to India to speak at the leadership conference and teach workshops back in 2010.  … Read More