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Using Social Media for Professional Learning: Seek, Sense, and Share

My Three Words for 2011 inspired by Harold Jarche's Networked Learning Model

For 2011, my three words are:   Seek,  Sense, and Share inspired by Harold Jarche’s model for networked learning.

How these words will guide me in 2011:

Seek: Seeking is the process of keeping up to date in your field.  … Read More

A Reflection on Networked Professional Learning

Black-Crowned Night Heron

Many years ago before digital cameras and children, my husband and I used to spend many hours combining two past times: birding and photography.   Over the holidays, we picked out some of the  best to scan.      Looking at these photos reminds me of how much focused attention we gave to setting up the shot,  shooting during the best time for light, debating the rule of thirds, taking photos at different angles, f-stops, and timings, etc.     … Read More