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Nonprofits: Leave A Comment for a Chance to Win a Dell Computer with Windows 8



Today,  I was honored to be one of the changemakers  interviewed in Catchafire’s Generosity Series, a celebration and investigation of bold generosity with the goal of understanding its causes, its benefits, and how to inspire more.   The goal of the series is to understand how small acts of generosity rather than exclusively deep-pocketed philanthropy can make a difference.

To celebrate, I’m giving away TWO Dell Computers equipped with Windows 8.   I’ve been doing giveaways on this blog for years, mostly books that I’ve read and wanted to give a copy to a deserving nonprofit.    I’ve also been lucky to have been offered items like printers to giveaway as part of a promotion.      A few weeks ago, the agency for the  Microsoft Windows team for small and midsize business activities invited me to host a giveaway for two Dell XPS 12 PCs with Windows 8 to get them into the hands of nonprofits.  How could I say no to that?

How To Enter:

I will pick two nonprofits based on the answers to this question:   How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?     If you want a chance to win, please add a comment to this post with your answer and also include:  Your nonprofit organization’s name and web site url and your email. I will accept comments on this post until Dec. 31st and announce the winners in early January.


Let me give you more information on the specs of these two items:

Windows 8 Pro

  • Windows 8 Pro was created especially with small and midsize businesses in mind and delivers the experiences people want, along with new levels of productivity, security and mobility, without sacrificing performance or choice.
  • Windows 8 Pro includes everything people love about Windows 7 Professional but is faster, higher performing and more beautiful.
  • Windows 8 Pro offers a completely reimagined experience for small and midsize businesses from the moment they boot their device, with things like Picture Password and the new Start screen that is built of tiles and allows users to put the things they rely on and care about most for their business right in front of them.
  • Another key benefit of Windows 8 Pro is the option to pick between using touch or a traditional mouse and keyboard. The capability to have one app that can easily be used on a touch screen or be used with mouse and keyboard just as effectively gives businesses the choice to use the kind of hardware that makes them the most productive – like the Dell XPS 12.
  • Windows 8 Pro has great new features that make it easier for businesses to get connected and stay connected, whether they’re on-site with a customer, waiting for a flight or working from a coffee shop – with things like built-in mobile broadband, Remote Desktop and Offline Files.
  • Windows 8 Pro offers users increased security with the added feature of BitLocker – which helps protect business data on PCs that include a TPM chip and encrypts hard drives more quickly, helping to keep data safe without significantly interrupting worker productivity – and also Trusted Boot that helps protect the end-to-end boot process and virtually eliminates the possibility for malware to interfere with the boot process or hide from antimalware software.
  • Windows 8 Pro has been designed to simplify the way the system works with things like being built to deploy right alongside an existing Windows 7 system, meaning existing processes and tools for managing and updating systems will keep working the same way in Windows 8 Pro as they did in Windows 7.
  • Also, Windows 8 Pro now offers the Windows Store, which already offers hundreds of apps and provides easy access to Windows 8 apps that can be run from the Start screen. These apps are full screen, easy to use and provide small and midsize businesses close contact with the information that’s most important to them.


Dell XPS 12

  • The Dell XPS 12 allows you to go from work to play on a convertible and multi-touch 12″ Ultrabook and tablet made with premium materials and craftsmanship.
  • Flexible Design. Transform the Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook to a tablet with a fluid flip-and-fold motion with its premium flip-hinge design. Have the best of productivity and entertainment right at your fingertips.
  • Introducing Windows 8. The Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook works with the new Windows 8 Pro operating system to deliver the latest apps for work and play in an enhanced touch-based experience — all without sacrificing PC functionality.
  • Always up to date. No more waiting. Intel Smart Connect Technology automatically updates email, work contacts, social networks and favorite apps, even when the Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook is in sleep mode.
  • Premium Craftsmanship. The Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook is constructed from durable materials — machined aluminum, bonded Corning Gorilla Glass and carbon fiber — for an experience that’s premium in every way.

For more about the computers, see this post on the Windows Blog

How To Enter:

I will pick two nonprofits based on the answers to this question:   How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?     If you want a chance to win, please add a comment to this post with your answer and also include:  Your nonprofit organization’s name and web site url and your email. I will accept comments on this post until Dec. 31st and announce the winners in early January.

Update:  Winners:

Jose Gonzalez

Aaron Herman

77 Responses

  1. Like so many other non-profits, we are limited by capacity, staff and material.

    But right now we are at the start of a social media engagement push given that our experience and expertise has been in public radio and now want to translate that into a social media presence. But it’s requiring tools to train the staff and volunteers to model how this would work. The Dell XPS would be a leap forward to really see how to deal with social media “in the technological present”.

    Oh, and we are a Latino-owned public radio network serving an underserved Spanish-speaking public in the US. This is very unique given the commercialization of Spanish-language radio.

  2. I’m part of the US support team for a church council in India that supports several community organizations, including 1 of only 3 gov’t certified high schools, a hospital, and a residential school offering scholarships for indigent rural children. They have 2 or 3 clunky computers. The Dell XPS would be portable so that the staff could easily take it into the field as they gather data from various sites. The touch screen eliminates the mouse, and would enable staff to interact via the screen with people, whether filling out forms, demonstrating a tool, or doing visual planning (which is helpful as not everyone can read). The keyboard and optional mouse would be helpful in the office setting, and the tighter security settings would enable the staff to share 1 computer without worrying.

    And finally, although utility services are iffy, it would be wonderful if the Dell XPS would enable us to communicate by Skype, so we could save on phone bills and also communicate visually!

    We are sending a short-term team there in February, so they could hand-carry the computer and provide some training.

    Thank you for this opportunity! 😉

  3. How can a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help One Hen have greater social impact? Let me count the ways:
    It would allow us to illustrate to our students of social entrepreneurship (elementary & middle school) how technology and software can be used for product development, marketing, financial analysis, etc.
    It would allow us to provide more timely social media updates to our constituents.
    It would allow us to walk our participating teachers through the library of educational business resources we’re developing.
    It would enable us to provide more sophisticated presentations to our existing and prospective supporters.
    It would allow us a different interface to test the redesign of our website.
    It would enable our tiny organization with a wide domestic and global reach to achieve even greater impact empowering youth to make a difference for themselves and in the world.
    Thank you!

  4. The International OCD Foundation would use this as part of an internet cafe at our Annual Conferences. Since 1993, our Annual OCD Conference has been the only national meeting focused solely on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related disorders. The unique event allows people with OCD and their loved ones to experience the latest OCD information alongside the mental health professionals who care for them.

    Many people who attend the conference are not able to view our resources and those of other peer organizations online because of a majority of their income and time being spent on treatment therapies. This laptop would allow us to set up a community computer where attendees could look for therapists and support groups in their local communities and leave the conference with a treatment plan in place.

  5. Leslie Mogul says:

    We have limited technology staff, limiited budget to add new technology, but an audience of more than 500,000+ we touch with information on our educational programs, we would love to have some new computer technology so we could quickly disseminate more info to our audence.

  6. Milwaukee Habitat is a homeownership ministry building simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need. The Dell XPS 12 would allow us to improve how effectively we can fulfill our mission and thus increase our social impact exponentially. Because 93% of our funds raised go directly towards the families we serve, we have a limited number of laptops that are shared throughout our small office. An additional laptop, especially the Dell XPS 12, would increase productivity, allow us to expand our social media presence to potential donors and advocates, and ultimately allow us to devote more time and resources to our homeowners.

    This brings me to the most important way a Dell XPS 12 would help Milwaukee Habitat. In 2013, we are launching a Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative – focusing our attention on making a significant, long-term and sustainable impact on our city, one neighborhood at a time. The area we serve will be targeted, but our goal is to help 40% more families through our housing services and increased community collaboration. Part of our initiative’s success depends on our strong presence in the neighborhood, and having a fully-equipped laptop and printer that we could dedicate to our neighborhood work would be a fantastic organizational asset as we reach out to community members, volunteers and potential donors.

  7. Q: How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?
    A: Volunteer MBC is the local volunteer centre serving Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon) in Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to promote and support volunteerism in an effort to connect ALL people to meaningful volunteer opportunities. We do so by providing a variety of services, but most importantly through our referral/matching service for volunteer placement. At our Brampton Centre we have a ‘Referral Team’, which is comprised of our Referral Specialist and a number of amazing individuals who volunteer on our team. Our Referral Team meet with individuals on a one-to-one basis to discuss their interests and their passions, in order to help guide them in finding suitable volunteer roles in our community. Through our website ( we have an on-line volunteer opportunity database where our member agencies post their volunteer needs, and individuals can access the site to search for roles that are of interest to them. Many of the individuals who visit our volunteer centre are newcomers to Canada, in fact, 50% of the population in our community have recently moved to Peel Region so meeting personally with these individuals is essential to the success of helping them to integrate into Canada. Currently we have three very old Dell Desktop computers which we use when meeting with clients to guide them in their search through our on-line database. Having a new laptop computer would really help our Referral Team in their efforts, which will help individuals who visit our volunteer centre in their search for a volunteer role, and ultimately this helps our member agencies in continuing to deliver on the programs and services in our community. It’s a win-win-win for all 🙂 Thank you for your consideration Beth! Much appreciated.

  8. Remnant International’s current project is in Uganda, Africa ( We work with Congolese refugees in Uganda who, through their work with Remnant Uganda, are able to receive a legitimate income and step away from their former lives as prostitutes. Remnant not only employs these women but empowers them, educates them and provides development and rehabilitation programs to help provide hope in a life that once seemed hopeless.

    A new Dell Computer with Windows 8 would help our nonprofit in many ways. This computer would be best used on the ground in Uganda.

    It has been our hope to be able to provide our programs manager, Brenda, with a computer to create our programs and document the growth of our ladies. Brenda is Kenyan and doubles as our translator for our ladies who only speak Kiswahili. This computer would be great for Brenda to type out all documents in Kiswahili so our ladies can have copies in which they can read and understand themselves.

    Another way this Dell Computer would help our nonprofit would be in enhancing our social impact. Our ladies are so amazing and the stories of their past are dark, broken, and real. This computer would provide for us a vehicle to not only share the stories of their past but paint a picture of love, hope and freedom of their lives now. Story telling is huge for our organization; many people cannot imagine what the lives of our ladies looked like and how incredible it is that they can now send their kids to school, something they never even thought possible. Things we take for granted are milestones for our ladies, and only through photos and stories can we share with our friends the power of the transformation our ladies are going through.

    The ladies of Remnant Uganda earn a legitimate wage through the creation of screen printed and sewn projects. This gives the organization the opportunity to be self sustainable and not dependent on donations, all while teaching the ladies essential business skills. The Dell Computer would help in creating and maintaining relationships with business who desire to place orders with us.

    Another great way the Dell Computer would help our nonprofit would be to maintain regular communication from Uganda to the US and vice versa. It is very important to us to keep both our US and International team up to date on what each other are doing.

    As you can see a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 would help our nonprofit in many ways, and would be an amazing vehicle to enhance the work,production and transformation we are already doing in Uganda. Thank you so much for this opportunity and we hope to hear from you soon!

  9. Crouch Foundation works actively in seven parishes in south Louisiana to provide suicide prevention and awareness through education. We conduct presentations for middle and high school students that address topics such as combatting depression, recognizing warning signs of suicide, intervention techniques, dealing with bullies, accessing resources and disclosure on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and reporting friends suicidal thoughts through features built into these sites. We conduct similar presentations for teachers that meet the state’s requirement of two hours of suicide prevention training each year. These presentations and trainings consist of powerpoints and videos and having a reliable computer is a crucial component of our presentations. We are currently using a backup computer as our main computer, a Dell with Windows 7, has a failiing hard drive.

    Our nonprofit is the only one in our area to offer suicide prevention resources, support which we feel is crucial to our community. Twenty percent of the high school students in our region self-reported suicidal thoughts in the past year on a survey administered to high school students. In addition, 7.2% of students said that they have attempted suicide within the last year. Suicide is the leading cause of preventable death. Through education we hope to build a community that is aware of these social problems and is united enough to ask questions and get help for their family and friends. In 2012 alone, we have educated over 3,500 individuals, answered 83 crisis calls and 140 individuals have attended our survivor of suicide support group.

  10. The Hebrew Free Loan Association gives people – regardless of religion – interest-free loans. We help people out of difficult situations with dignity: saving a house from foreclosure, sending a child to school, repairing a car to save a job, helping a loving couple adopt a child. That money is repaid and reloaned. We’ve been paying it forward for over 100 years.

    Currently tied to a desktop, a laptop would help us bring our services more deeply into under-served communities. We could process loan applications at events and ensure that we engage those who need our services most and often don’t have access to a computer.

  11. How can a new Dell Computer help Journeys in Community Living have greater social impact?

    Journeys in Community Living supports adults with intellectual disabilities in choosing and realizing their visions of where and how they live, work and socialize. We believe that these adults, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, should have the support necessary to live healthy and secure lives, work at meaningful jobs which they enjoy, live in a place of their own in a regular neighborhood with whom they choose, have friends and other relationships in their lives and participate in and contribute to their communities (through volunteering for Meals on Wheels, food banks, county office recycling program).

    We currently have NO working laptops in our organization. We have a couple of very old Dell notebooks, which have no wi-fi capabilities and don’t have enough speed or power to connect to internet or send e-mail. We use these only for Word documents. When we need to project a website or graphics during a meeting, we have to borrow a laptop. We also have no way to create or present a community group/donor presentation or slideshow.

    This laptop would allow us to provide more timely social media updates, e-blasts and information to our constituents. We just created our very first website, Facebook page and Twitter account last year. We have come a long way, but are looking forward to having a more visible presence by adding Google+, LinkIn, Flickr and YouTube accounts.

    We would also save time and fuel cost if we were able to send a laptop to seminars and meetings and use Skype to communicate with a desktop computer in the office. We could record meetings on YouTube and post them for employees, rather than having them drive to the office. Also, by allowing our case managers to record notes while at medical appointments with the client, they would have more time available when they return to the office.

    So, this laptop would enable our organization to achieve a greater impact on our clients by assisting us with securing more donations, having a more visible online presence and saving gas/time by utilizing technology such as Skype and YouTube.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  12. Brendan Cook says:

    Thanks for the opportunity for a new Windows 8 Laptop. At Green-e, we’re committed to creating market and policy solutions for expanding renewable energy and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Our program green-e is the leading certification for renewable energy and has helped set up renewable market in North America.

    With a laptop, it would enable me to interact with the public about our new program, re:print or printing with renewable energy. Think of it like an organic certification, but this time it’s for renewable energy and the print supply chain.

    I will be on the road for much of 2013 and a laptop would be ideal at spreading the message through our materials, videos, visuals and using the latest technology.

    Thanks again for considering us.

  13. Sean Parker says:

    My filings for non-profit incorporation were approved this week! The purpose of Schools Count Incorporated is to give every school in the country the statistical tools and skills to analyze its own data for improved teaching and learning. I have a lot of work to do in making my college courses from Tufts University accessible and useable to educators across the country. The next step is to work elbow-to-elbow with educators in their schools to tailor my courses to fit their needs. It’s not enough for me to slap my course materials online and expect anybody to learn. Effective teaching and learning demands a dialogue.

    A necessary part of the teaching/learning dialogue is a demonstration of how data-analytic tools and skills can help answer specific and pressing educational questions. I conduct in-person demonstrations in a school setting by listening to a small group of educators’ queries and theories. With a readily available data set of assessments and demographics, I can generally specify, fit and graph a statistical model that addresses their concerns, in a matter of minutes. While programming, I need a computer with a personal screen and full-sized keyboard. While presenting, however, I need a tablet that will allow me to display graphs in such a way that members of the school data team can point, highlight and annotate. The Dell XPS 12 would be invaluable in this capacity.

    Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for your blog which is proving essential to my budding non-profit experience.

    Thank you,
    Sean (not THAT Sean Parker)

  14. This non profit is a small rural library that is trying to keep up with the technology that is available with little to no funding for the technology. The community we serve is learning some of the new tech and a lot of them are getting their first experience of such technology here at the local public library. Demonstrating different types of tech to the community, one on one or in small classes allows people with not much money, to make informed choices about what they may need the most instead of what a sale is pushing this week.
    Thank you for the opportunity to try.

  15. We are a young organisation with no funding and contracted staff. Our purpose is to introduce the supported employment model to Bulgaria and make it functioning. In a country where people with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems mainly reside in institutions and almost no one sees them as persons with abilities, rights and choices, to make it possible for them to work on the open labour market is a pretty ambitious task. It has a lot to do with changing perceptions and demonstrating good practices. Currently I am doing a ten month Grundtvig assistantship programme in Belgium where I learn from the Flemish experience with labour integration in order to support the establishment of similar services in Bulgaria and other countries later on. I am travelling Flanders visiting employment services. Next year I will go to other European countries to see how they provide supported employment. I want to document these examples and to turn our Facebook page into a strong awareness raising and marketing tool. This is what we need the DEL computer with Windows 8 for. It would help us to spread the case of disabled people as reliable workers with a lot of potential, which would be a significant step towards introducing the supported employment model to Bulgaria.
    Thank you for considering us and for giving the chance to two organisations to improve the quality of their work!

  16. In July of 2011, at the age of 14, I founded a nonprofit organization called Live Life Humane. Live Live Humane is dedicated to educating young people about animal cruelty issues and inspiring them to make a difference. Now after a planning phase, I am ready to launch the outreach for my organization in January.

    Youth outreach is extremely important. Youth are the future of society and our future leaders. Thus, it is of utmost importance that we educate them. Social media is a huge part of that. Most young people are online and social media is one of the best resources to educate them about animal cruelty issues. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and other social media websites are huge parts of a teenager’s life right now. With a The Dell XPS 12, I will be able to keep up with the newest trends that young people have and apply them to animal rights, edit our website, post on our various social media websites, send out emails on our email list, blog, and answer young people’s questions via email. Most of the audience we are trying to reach is online, thus a having a good company computer is important on so many levels. We will also be able to bring the The Dell XPS 12 to tabling events so that we can share pictures and videos to our targeted audience at the table. Another project we have is giving presentations to elementary and highschool students. A nice computer would help with that.

    Most of our organization’s success is dependent on social media, since that is where the most young people are sharing new trends. I am a young person (16) trying to be a voice for the voiceless. Since we are a new group and because of our limited budget (I have been taking everything out of my personal savings until we have some funded money), we do not have the budget for such a valuable tool for outreach at this time. Having the Dell XPS 12 would mean so much for Live Life Humane and would help us to reach out to a much bigger audience, which is what we are all about. We plan to be a wealth of resources for young people on our social media pages and on our own website. It would also help a small organization to expand.

    An online presence is so important to educate young people and I know this from experience. It was when I stumbled on The Humane Society of the United State’s website that I was educated about animal rights. Along with our grassroots outreach, we hope to educate the youth of America in the same way on our website and social media pages. The Dell XPS 12 would be a dream tool.

  17. Without computers, creating awareness and supporting fighters, survivors and caregivers for testicular cancer, the leading cause of cancer in 15-35 year old males, would be impossible. Trying to reach young men means that we have to be everywhere and at anytime. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, IHadCancer, CannerConnect, PlanetCancer, TC-Net, TC-Cancer Forums, Stupid Cancer Forums, Google+, blogs, Google Groups, CarePages, CaringBridge, WhatNext…whew, I’ll stop here but I hope you get my point.

    A new Dell with Windows 8, would help us be in all the places we need to be and in a moments notice, connecting on the fly to those that need us.

    Thanks for Your Consideration,
    Mike Craycraft
    Testicular Cancer Society

  18. Kairouanais pour la Culture de Citoyenneté (Kairouanese for the Culture of Citizenship) is a non-profit organization that was founded in June 2011, only few months after the Tunisian Revolution. As far as the region of Kairouan is concerned, KPCC participates in efforts of civil society and local development through project studies or development strategies. It also spreads the values of democracy, political freedom and human rights by encouraging youth to take part in community as well as political life. As a very recent organization, we unfortunately have a very limited number of laptops that are shared throughout our office. An additional laptop, especially the new Dell Computer with Windows 8 would help us prepare and disseminate multimedia productions to educate youth about the importance of the values of democracy, tolerance and dialogue in the construction of a new and more equitable society bearing more opportunities for all Tunisians.

    In 2013, we are launching a map which is the only first step in the creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the entire region of Kairouan. A new Dell Computer with Windows 8 is an excellent tool to produce a map for the city of Kairouan in partnership with higher education institutions and regional authorities. The purpose of the card is to get a concise and effective representation of complex phenomena (political, economic, social, etc..) It would also allow the public and especially the leaders, both regionally and nationally, to get a rapid and relevant understanding of the city. The Dell XPS 12 would be portable so that the staff could easily take it into the field while they gather data from various sites. The touch screen would exclude the mouse, and enable staff to interrelate via the screen with people as whether filling out forms, displaying a tool, or performing visual planning. This mapping should allow, for the first time, having a neutral state of affairs that is as succinct as possible of the city. It would nevertheless make available a better identification of sensitive areas of intervention and better strategic decisions especially those related with material management plans.
    A new Dell Computer with Windows 8 would in due course help our nonprofit organization achieve a significant, long-term and sustainable impact on our city.

    On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to express my appreciation for considering the importance of this opportunity.

  19. I am on the Board of Advisors for Team Rubicon, a 35 month old nonprofit disaster relief organization. I also advise on the continued development of the organizational infrastructure as they evolve. The mission of Team Rubicon is two-part: Veteran’s bridge the gap between disaster and long-term recovery response by using tools they acquired in the military (decisive leadership, risk mitigation, emergency medicine) while helping them reintegrate into civil society by way of community building, training to expand skill sets & collaborating with like-minded civilians interested in bringing aid to those affected by disasters.

    Hurricane Sandy marked Team Rubicon’s 37th mission since inception which was the quake in Haiti in 2010 where they launched a spontaneous operation as a group of 8 (2 were civilians). In the first year, they grew to 400 volunteers. In the second, they grew to 800 volunteers. At nearly three years old Team Rubicon has grown to over 6,500 volunteers. There are only 7 full-time staff and fellowships for less than 25 Veteran leaders throughout their 10 regions.

    At this critical juncture in our development, having a tremendously useful tool such as this Dell computer will help them to be better organized, expand social media outreach & engagement, and help continue to empower the team members as valued leaders within the organization as well as personally. Because this is a laptop, it will also be used to manage responses in the field – this is invaluable to Team Rubicon’s success in coordinating with other local & federal agencies in addition to organizing help requests of those affected by disasters.

    Being awarded this computer will affect lives of not a single user but of everyone our blossoming organization touches. Thank you for your consideration.

    Stephanie Rudat
    Team Rubicon

  20. chaer says:

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  22. Freeda says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Nonprofits: Leave A Comment for a Chance to Win a Dell Computer with Windows 8 | Beth’s Blog, thanks for the good read!
    — Freeda

  23. Jonathon says:

    Microsoft have reveled an excellent technology with windows8 surface pro. I wish to have this one.

  24. Beth says:

    Thanks everyone for these fantastic comments – it was a very choice hard – but picked two winners at random – and they are listed on the blog post. I’ve closed comments here. Stay tuned, I hope to additional giveaways this year. Wish I could have had 76 computers to give one to each organization that answered … but alas ..