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Nonprofits: Leave A Comment for a Chance to Win a Dell Computer with Windows 8



Today,  I was honored to be one of the changemakers  interviewed in Catchafire’s Generosity Series, a celebration and investigation of bold generosity with the goal of understanding its causes, its benefits, and how to inspire more.   The goal of the series is to understand how small acts of generosity rather than exclusively deep-pocketed philanthropy can make a difference.

To celebrate, I’m giving away TWO Dell Computers equipped with Windows 8.   I’ve been doing giveaways on this blog for years, mostly books that I’ve read and wanted to give a copy to a deserving nonprofit.    I’ve also been lucky to have been offered items like printers to giveaway as part of a promotion.      A few weeks ago, the agency for the  Microsoft Windows team for small and midsize business activities invited me to host a giveaway for two Dell XPS 12 PCs with Windows 8 to get them into the hands of nonprofits.  How could I say no to that?

How To Enter:

I will pick two nonprofits based on the answers to this question:   How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?     If you want a chance to win, please add a comment to this post with your answer and also include:  Your nonprofit organization’s name and web site url and your email. I will accept comments on this post until Dec. 31st and announce the winners in early January.


Let me give you more information on the specs of these two items:

Windows 8 Pro

  • Windows 8 Pro was created especially with small and midsize businesses in mind and delivers the experiences people want, along with new levels of productivity, security and mobility, without sacrificing performance or choice.
  • Windows 8 Pro includes everything people love about Windows 7 Professional but is faster, higher performing and more beautiful.
  • Windows 8 Pro offers a completely reimagined experience for small and midsize businesses from the moment they boot their device, with things like Picture Password and the new Start screen that is built of tiles and allows users to put the things they rely on and care about most for their business right in front of them.
  • Another key benefit of Windows 8 Pro is the option to pick between using touch or a traditional mouse and keyboard. The capability to have one app that can easily be used on a touch screen or be used with mouse and keyboard just as effectively gives businesses the choice to use the kind of hardware that makes them the most productive – like the Dell XPS 12.
  • Windows 8 Pro has great new features that make it easier for businesses to get connected and stay connected, whether they’re on-site with a customer, waiting for a flight or working from a coffee shop – with things like built-in mobile broadband, Remote Desktop and Offline Files.
  • Windows 8 Pro offers users increased security with the added feature of BitLocker – which helps protect business data on PCs that include a TPM chip and encrypts hard drives more quickly, helping to keep data safe without significantly interrupting worker productivity – and also Trusted Boot that helps protect the end-to-end boot process and virtually eliminates the possibility for malware to interfere with the boot process or hide from antimalware software.
  • Windows 8 Pro has been designed to simplify the way the system works with things like being built to deploy right alongside an existing Windows 7 system, meaning existing processes and tools for managing and updating systems will keep working the same way in Windows 8 Pro as they did in Windows 7.
  • Also, Windows 8 Pro now offers the Windows Store, which already offers hundreds of apps and provides easy access to Windows 8 apps that can be run from the Start screen. These apps are full screen, easy to use and provide small and midsize businesses close contact with the information that’s most important to them.


Dell XPS 12

  • The Dell XPS 12 allows you to go from work to play on a convertible and multi-touch 12″ Ultrabook and tablet made with premium materials and craftsmanship.
  • Flexible Design. Transform the Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook to a tablet with a fluid flip-and-fold motion with its premium flip-hinge design. Have the best of productivity and entertainment right at your fingertips.
  • Introducing Windows 8. The Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook works with the new Windows 8 Pro operating system to deliver the latest apps for work and play in an enhanced touch-based experience — all without sacrificing PC functionality.
  • Always up to date. No more waiting. Intel Smart Connect Technology automatically updates email, work contacts, social networks and favorite apps, even when the Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook is in sleep mode.
  • Premium Craftsmanship. The Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook is constructed from durable materials — machined aluminum, bonded Corning Gorilla Glass and carbon fiber — for an experience that’s premium in every way.

For more about the computers, see this post on the Windows Blog

How To Enter:

I will pick two nonprofits based on the answers to this question:   How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?     If you want a chance to win, please add a comment to this post with your answer and also include:  Your nonprofit organization’s name and web site url and your email. I will accept comments on this post until Dec. 31st and announce the winners in early January.

Update:  Winners:

Jose Gonzalez

Aaron Herman

77 Responses

  1. Johanne says:

    I’ll be working in Haiti starting next January with Oxfam, with a partner who want to encourage the local products consumption in the country through a communication and advocacy campaign. I’m not sure yet of how well-equiped is the partner in term of communication, but from what I saw during a previous stay in the country, I think it would be very helpful for this organization to can count on a brand new computer to do the job.



  2. Chris Groves says:

    I would use the laptop to take to events and community conversations. Since, with Windows 8, the laptop has the ability to be used in a kiosk style mode, I would use the laptop to get community feedback. We could post questions on the screen and then people at events could answer the questions. We could even utilize the camera to get video feedback from participants. At United Way of Central Ohio, we find that having community conversations to truly ask the community what types of work we should be focused on, enables us to really get to the heart of ways to advance the common good through collaboration.

  3. One of our top priority goals is to make better use of Social Media! We have certainly come a long way and are looking forward to having a much more visible presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkIn.
    Our organization could use the Dell Computer with Windows 8 to help us better present to our clients. We plan on having our clients, most of which are struggling with homelessness, participate in our Social Media. We envision that this will help our clients feel even more a part of the process and give our followers a chance to see the real face of homelessness. Our clients are not nameless. They are homeless.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity!

    Project Australia is a not-for-profit organisation helping people start, scale and sustain community projects. To date we’ve provided free support to 115 community initiatives around Australia.

    Our annual budget is only $20k, and we rely largely on the efforts of 12 volunteers. We meet for a working day every second month and we’re always short one laptop in order to do our work. A new laptop would make a huge difference, enabling us to accellerate the development of our platforms to support others.



  5. What great timing! Our leadership team has created a strategic brand exposure group working on ways we can expand our reach via social and other channels. This helps us attract and retain the best and the brightest staff members so we can get the best possible results for the young people in our care: the region’s most vulnerable, high-need children who have chronic exposure to traumatic situations. To ensure we have top staff to support them and sufficient financial resources to provide low staffing ratios at our group homes, schools, and community programs, we are building our presence on social and traditional media. This laptop would be a valuable tool since a smart phone may be mobile but it’s a bit limited. Also, we’re now providing services in several parts of Connecticut, so I can’t be tied to my desk. Replacing my aging desktop with a laptop would be a dream and help me be a more frequent resource for spreading the news of the great work our staff is doing and how our kids are improving reading levels, building employment and social skills, and preparing to be productive, caring adults.

  6. Alison Koons says:

    this would be wonderful to take on visits to our donors who are elderly…we would be able to pull up our foundation’s website and show them videos and information on ways their donations have helped

  7. Serving over 2,700 individuals a month in Southside Virginia, God’s Storehouse is our region’s largest food pantry. After 25 years of service, we recognize our need to grow our organizational infrastructure. In 2012, we’ve added our first full-time director as well as 2 Americorps VISTA members. With all these changes, we need computers to keep up! If provided, we would use this computer to keep our food inventory up-to-date. Currently, we move around 25,000 pounds of food each week through our warehouse and all of our inventory (including food donations from individuals and community churches, salvaged foods from grocery stores, and purchased food) is recorded on paper. A computer could help us move to the next level of efficiency in our service and could put food on even more plates.

  8. Jenni Wrght says:

    Our organisation works with people with disability or disadvantage. We have a ‘Learning to Learn’ e-learning project in development stage. Trainers travel to regions within South Australia to conduct training and often have to take lots of resources with them. Having a Dell computer that is so light and easy to use would make a huge difference to us.

  9. We are using an old Dell GX 270 Pentium 3 PC.

    So many times,we had to change the Mother Board, the CPU, the Hard Drive, The Memory, in fact, we’ve been experiencing endless problems with this computer.

    The New Dell XPS 12 will surely come in handy. It will definitely save us a lot of grief. It is more compact, more faster and we will get more work done on time and on schedule. It is also nice and user friendly.

    Unlike that old crock hidden under my table. In fact I had to go to the internet cafe’ to enter this competition.

  10. AnaYelsi says:

    I am a Director for Florida Abolitionist – a 501(c)3 working to combat human trafficking in the United States. Many of our wonderful partners are working to address this atrocity on an international level but we are one of the few groups solely focused on the ~2 million victims in the U.S. We are based in Florida (one of the top 3 states for trafficking) and are preparing to move into our new building in the next few months.

    Our staff is comprised of non-paid volunteers who are dedicated to serving their community and preventing and combating trafficking. Despite few resources, an unpaid staff, and (until recently) no building of our own, we have been able to do incredible work on this issue. We are one of the leading organizations in our state and have partners across the nation.

    We are seeking financial donors and in-kind donations to help furnish and supply our office so that we can fulfill our mission of ending MODERN – DAY SLAVERY by mobilizing prayer, awareness, outreach, legislative advocacy, and facilitating victim services.

    The gift of a computer would be invaluable to us. Our staff currently work on their personal laptops and in many cases have limited or outdated programs.

    You can learn more about our work at I can be reached at

  11. Wow! One of these would definitely be put to good use at the Wildlife Center of Virginia — over the past year-and-a-half, we’ve really expanded our online presence through our website, our webcam network (the “Critter Cam”), and social media. We have a “family” of supporters that are truly world-wide and have so much to share in an online capacity. (Just check out the Critter Cam on for a taste!)

  12. Andrea Arias says:

    Social media is the way to reach others around the world. It’s a free source of outreach that is beneficial to any organization. Hope Resource Group is committed to end homelessness for individuals at risk, especially for transitional age youth leaving foster care.
    This laptop would enable us to finish our website sooner with better apps to work with. Also, the laptop would be great to train others to use the homeless management information system. The ability to share youth information at community meetings would be great, too. Mostly, we would use the laptop for letting the public and private sectors be aware of the need for helping the thousands of youth that will be homeless as they turn 18 years of age and are emancipated from foster care.
    Thank you for offering to help two organizations make a social impact on the world.

  13. Rachel Allen says:

    The Cottage Sexual Assault Center and Child Advocacy Center could use this computer for our Sexual Assualt Nurse Examiners to collect and record notes on their cases from remote sites. They could also use it to translate from Spanish to English in order to serve he Spanish speaking population. In additoon to forensic services, The Coittage serves Athens, GA as well as four surrounding counties by providing professional and free counseling services to victims and their families.

  14. Mark Bialzik says:

    Kradwell School is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. We are a small alternative school serving students diagnosed with behavioral health issues, i.e., Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, P.T.S.D., Reactive Attachment Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, bipolar disorder as well as learning disabilities. The most common complaint I hear from parents is, “We wish we had known about Kradwell sooner.” The other problem we face is limited scholarship support for families struggling financially. As we don’t have the deep graduate base to contribute to our scholarship fund that larger schools have, we need to meet with prospective donors who are not familiar with our school.
    Many people have misconceptions about alternative school programs. A portable computer will allow me to access our website, and demonstrate to parents and donors a program designed to promote the success of each student by accommodating their unique learning styles and behavioral needs. Our website also includes testimonials by graduates and parents as well as a tour of the Learning Gardens of Kradwell. The gardens include elements designed to engage students with the natural environment by involving them with native flora and fauna, plant propagation and vegetable gardening in gardens including a greenhouse, gazebo, pond and natural amphitheater.

  15. Elise Hilton says:

    We are really trying to expand our social media outreach. It is key to us in 2013 to continue to reach out to young people, especially high school and college age students, and educate them about living in a free and virtuous society. Our annual conference last year had participants from over 70 countries, and we want that to grow. Having this tool will help our social media department (me!) have more, better, faster tools to continue to do the work we do: poverty alleviation by promoting entrepreneurship, giving business people much-needed support in their spiritual and work lives, and connecting people from around the world in their business, educational, spiritual and entrepreneurial endeavors.

  16. Having a laptop for our foundation would be an enormous help when we are in Mexico where we are working with the Wixárika (Huichol) communities on solar projects. It would enable us to stay in better contact with our home office in Oakland and to receive and answer e-mails and documents.

    Getting a laptop for the Wixarika Research Center has been on our wish list for some time and would be a very useful and much appreciated gift.


    Yvonne Negrín, Associate Director

  17. A new laptop would be a fantastic offering for our end users in Kenya. We supply donated (and usually used) laptops to business centers and educational institutions in Kenya. We most recently shipped 15 laptops to a rural village in Kenya, where their polytechnic university students will finally have access to information and the internet, as well as the ability to improve their skillsets and their chances of making a good living for themselves. They will be able to pull themselves out of the poverty that they were born in. Most of the laptops we ship are Linux open source laptops, so it would be a great gift to be able to provide a new one with Windows 8 on there. Thank you for the chance at sending this blessing to Kenya.

  18. At the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, our current computer capability consists of one (very) old MAC, which no longer can support much of our software (needs an intel processor to run Quickbooks, and updated Office apps). We’re working to update our website to an interactive WordPress site, which will provide better social media connectivity. One of our goals for the coming year is to encourage participation from younger audiences, and being able to effectively communicate via various social media opportunities is vital. Thanks mucho for all that you are doing to help us.

  19. Kala Gabler says:

    Hi Beth!

    Our organization From Goals to Wells runs soccer camps in California to fund water filtration systems in Uganda. One of our team members, Lucas, recently decided to move to Uganda. While there, he will build relationships and improve our organization’s connection with the Ugandans we are serving. In addition, we want Lucas to be able to relay the new information he gains back to us and our supporters in the States using social media platforms and tools such as infographics. Having a current computer and up to date software is absolutely necessary to achieve this goal. In addition, Lucas’s computer is 7 years old which makes conference calls, social media, photo editing and other tools very difficult. Thus, our organization could really benefit from a new Dell computer with Windows 8. Having a new computer would be a huge blessing for us as we work to help bring more clean water to Uganda!

    Thank you!

  20. We are a small social equality nonprofit that advocates for the homeless of Northeast Ohio. In addition to providing direct relief assistance, we also perform family location services for those frequenting shelters and residing on the streets. After relocating a family member or close friends, we like to connect the two parties directly either by telephone or via Skype. After witnessing the looks on their faces, Skype has definitely become our preferred method of contact. Currently we only have use of one laptop which limits the number of times we can provide this service at a given time. Winning the Dell Computer with Windows 8 would allow us to reconnect so many more to their loved ones; allowing them to have some sense of belonging; an understanding that they are not alone. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Good luck to every organization who enters, and may God bless the work of our hands.

  21. Shari Ilsen says:

    Is it possible to oversell the value of technology for the nonprofit world? At VolunteerMatch, we think not. In my job, specifically, as Online Communications Manager, I spend my days engaging with other nonprofits, dedicated individual volunteers and companies all over the world around issues of volunteerism and nonprofit technology – and how bringing the two together could (and WILL!) create a world that is stronger and nicer than any of us can recognize right now.

    A laptop like this one will help me bring our program from “jog” to “run,” in the words of Beth. With the ability to be functionally mobile, to interact via video, touch, social media, and other fun tablet options while at events, or around town, or traveling, we can extend the reach of VolunteerMatch and our message, both online and off, all over the world. And do some really cool visual storytelling.

  22. Jeff Bundy says:

    Children in 12 locations, after-school sites, receive quality care and programming consistent with the 40 Developmental Assets. A hands-on Windows 8 computer would be used for continuing educational instruction by the children for the children. God Bless all the good work all our non-profits do for people around the planet.

  23. Deb Leone says:

    Thank you so much for providing such a great opportunity for two non-profits. The Melonhead Foundation is a volunteer run non-profit supporting the needs of children 21 or younger with any diagnosis of cancer. We are unique in that we provide financial aid to families and we have created a Wellness Center which offers Holistic Services to our kids and families free of charge in Tempe, AZ.
    As founder of the foundation, I ran the organization from home for 14 years. In Feb. 2011 we realized our dream of creating The Wannahealyah Wellness Center. Since there are so few organizations that provide the services we do here, we are always over flowing with families in need of support. So many of our supporters have donated services and time to make our new center a reality it is remarkable. Having a new computer with Windows 8 would allow us to move our work to a next level and reach so many more families, supporters and followers. Keeping up with the 21st century when “deep pockets” have not been filled yet is a challenge. We do our best, with grateful hearts and winning one of the computers would be a blessing. Thnak you for all you are doing to support the communities.

  24. Isha Vidhya is an NGO works tirelessly in transforming the rural education landscspe of India, by providing English medium computer integrated education to the most economically backward communities, where such education is not available and accessible.

    Each Isha Vidhya school has a computer lab with 20 computers, in which children from ages of 7 through 15 learn, using various computer assisted learning software.

    In addition, Isha Vidhya has 5 PCs in each school that is used by teachers and administration staff.

    Isha Vidhya is planning to open 2 more schools in the near future and is in need of as many PCs as possible as donations.

    I would appreciate if you select Isha Vidhya for donating the PCs.

    For more info. about Isha Vidhya, please contact me at


  25. Hi Beth,
    What a wonderful opportunity! As the executive director of Georgetown Village, a non-profit set up to help seniors age in place we could really use a second computer. We have one computer that is in good shape and the volunteers need to bring their own to do any computer work for us. This means that our pictures are not on one central computer, and to update our facebook page, I have to do it if the volunteer doesn’t have or bring a computer. As you will see, it doesn’t get updated often enough! In addition, we are going to be giving out flash drives with medical information to our members and we need another computer or two, to be able to enter the information onto the flash drives for our members.
    Having a new up-to date computer would allow us to update our social media sites more often an windows 8 would also allow us to create publicity videos and stream lectures to our members who have difficulty getting out to events.

    Thank you very much!

  26. As a small nonprofit organization, we are accustomed making do with limited funds. Our survival has depended largely on the volunteer efforts of many who work tirelessly to get us closer to our goal. We have been working for 22 years now, seeking to secure New Jersey’s Hudson River waterfront for the public’s use for generations to come. We have enjoyed much success in Hoboken, NJ where we are very close to achieving our goal of a continuous, public park for the full length of the waterfront, open and accessible to people from all walks of life.

    In the coming year, we have a number of critical issues that we are seeking to resolve. Especially important is a program to develop a comprehensive plan to prepare for the next super-storm Sandy in Hoboken half of which was seriously flooded in that disaster. To be effective in these efforts, we must expand our staff which will require at least one additional computer.

    Much more information on our website:

    Thanks, Beth, for this opportunity to be awarded a new computer. Much appreciated. Much needed.

  27. Andrew Brandt says:

    I volunteer for a startup nonprofit, the Professional Support Group of Morris County, which helps unemployed professionals find jobs in northern New Jersey. Since we have no computer equipment to call our own, a computer would be terrific for our presentations and work.

    More important, though, is to thank you, Beth, for another year of wonderful work, inspiring blog posts, and all the in-depth analysis that you share. That is more important than anything a mere computer can do.

    Happy Holidays and looking forward to hearing more from you in the year to come.


  28. Bobby Gomez says:

    Narco Freedom is a small non-profit substance abuse, HIV, mental health and primary care treatment facility that has to depend on city/state budgets to stay afloat to provide the type of treatment we provide for our clients in the South Bronx in NYC. The South Bronx is considered the poorest neighborhood in the entire United States that depend on clinics like ours to provide treatment to those living in the community. Many of our clients are low income, substance abuse/alcohol abusers, mental illness sufferers, HIV, etc.. Because funding is limited we are still using donated pentium 4 desktops. I’m working really hard trying to computerize our forms electronically and easy to read presentations for our clients because some are illiterate so they could understand the various services we can provide for them. Having a touch screen tablet with electronic forms through MS Word and PowerPoint or PDF would make our lives easier as it would eliminate the amount of paper we use.

    Therefore, thank you for taking the time to read about our organization.

    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

  29. Jeanne Gural says:


    Just yesterday we experienced a massive power surge in our wildlife hospital that resulted in the loss of our phones, the loss of our internet and the loss of one computer. Cedar Run is a vital, fun nature center, wildlife refuge and wildife hospital that has been a small but mighty force for conservation for over 50 years! Getting our lost computer replaced, would put us right back on track to continue helping wildlife, engaging thousands of children, and protecting habitat.

    Even if you do not pick us, we thank you for helping nonprofits continue their mission. We are all in this together, and together is the only way to get it done!

  30. A computer transforming int tablet would enable it to be used in our therapy sessions for children with special educational needs that we serve. This would also enable us to share with all those interested parties (potential donors, network contacts, media) who would be willing to help support the vital work The Child Development Centre delivers for Hong Kong’s special needs community.

  31. Greetings

    MARS CFL INC Mothers Against Racing On The Street was started because we saw a need.

    Coming from a parent’s perspective that has lost a child, I can assure you this is a club you do not want to join. As a Orlando native, I have seen the growth take place by leaps and bounds. Orange groves once our trademark, replaced by buildings that ran the animals out of their habitat. Over populated, the sunshine state has to face issues that affect our community. Street racing is just one issue looming over us.
    Racecar spelled backwards, reads the same either way you look at it. This fatal epidemic is a nationwide problem that needs to be met head on; It won’t go away; Mars has teamed up with Evo Street Racer out of California; their database, illustrates that it is happening everywhere.“The Lewis Rivera Ortega street racing act.” was brought into law March 2010 with the help of MARS CFL, accountability is important, when there is loss of life. Our sons did not die in vain. Sadly it is still happing, because there is no safe place to race. Orange County Commissioners voted 7-0 to shut the drag strip down. Because of noise complaints from Southcase; Two weeks later there was another street racing crash. Owners suggested a compromise and provided a win /win solution; that would allow the racetrack to stay open. Noise is everywhere .We should learn to adapt to our surroundings anyway we can. Speed world, the only other local race venue, is closing at the end of the year. Please help with a resolution
    Other sports have venues, gun ranges, skydiving and skate board parks, Can’t we find a space for this sport too? Speed is a passion from within. A track for the racing enthusiasts, would supply a need, and solve a problem. Look at Disney, once just an ideal, a dream that became a reality. Orlando Florida was forever changed by the Mouse.
    A track would offer classes to educate teens and parents. Knowledge is power, saving teens by the hour. As we embark on this journey, may we find support from our community? Everyone can help us make a difference. MARS will also reach out to other grieving mothers in our shoes. Support is a must to get over the blues.
    MARS CFL 501 c (3) nonprofit needs help from our fellow man: only God can truly understand. What we all live thorough each day? Where there is a will, you make a way. Donations needed to help see a change.
    When you see this, you must respect a spirit that loved to be free, to challenge others who felt the need to speed. He didn’t love his dear ones less. He was just lost in the excitement of the moment..
    Shawn, CJ, Gio, In Memory of Our Angles, you will never be forgotten. Our lives were forever changed with the blink of an eye. Hoping our story will help you see. It can happen to you, when you least expect it, no one is immune.
    You never know how strong you are, until being strong is all you have.
    (MARS MOMs) Laurie Broadus, Debbie Romero, Emely Santana
    Contact info: Find us on Facebook (Mars CFL INC) website:

    God Bless your holiday season

  32. A computer would help us be more versatile thank you for this opportunity. We need all the help we can get.


  33. we also go to the schools to tell our story and bring awareness.

  34. londoni says:

    My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different page and thought I should check things
    out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to
    going over your web page repeatedly.

  35. Donna Ragan says:

    How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?

    A new Dell Computer with Windows 8 would have an amazing impact both internally and externally at the Humane Society of Charlotte. Our organization would utilize as our “volunteer station” during the week and have it serve a secondary purpose as our “outreach” computer in our new Pets for Life program. With Pets for Life, we are reaching, by going street to street and door to door introducing ourselves and making communities aware of our services – free spay/neuter, shot and microchipping and educational tools for targeted zip codes. We believe that we can make a huge impact, but with only one computer between our outreach personnel, it can be very difficult – we want to make a difference and this computer would help us get there.

    Our goal … saving more animals lives and educating our community.

  36. How could a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 help your nonprofit have more social impact?

    I work for Blue Star Families, a nonprofit created to support, connect and empower military families, focusing on morale and wellness, education and employment programs for military spouses, service members and their families. Because our organization supports military families, much of what we do is virtual. Military families are constantly on the move or struggling to maintain balance during deployments, through reintegration and while caring for wounded warriors. Out of necessity, they’re turning to the internet in greater numbers. A Dell with Windows 8 can help our organization stay connected to the families who need our resources and support.

  37. Reaching Africa Ministries was registered as an NPO (Reg. Number 098-360) during February this year. We are busy setting up the office for the ministry. A computer will be more than welcome. For more info on what we are doing and planning to do feel free to visit our website.

  38. As an upstarting organization that aims to eliminate unemployment and poverty in Uganda, this computer would help us to design and develop the HigherNation services web framework and help us connect to the rest of the world for social good. thank you.

  39. NeighborWorks Columbus would LOVE to win this for many reasons listed below:

    Microsoft has technology solutions to help meet needs more efficiently and with greater impact. Microsoft can help through software donations, training and resources.

    The new version of Windows provides organizations with features to make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable, with the reliability, productivity and security needed. Windows 8 has new user interface.

    Windows 8 Apps invites developers to create an app for “social good” – and you could win one of three cash prizes to help fuel your dream and keep it going :
    *Best Overall Windows 8 App: $15,000 + Windows Phone
    *Best Overall Windows Phone 8 App: $15,000 + Windows Phone
    *People’s Choice: $10,000 + Windows Phone

    At NeighborWorks Columbus we love Microsoft! They donate, on average, $1 million dollars a day in software to nonprofits around the world. This is because in the hands of nonprofit organizations, technology can boost productivity, increase effectiveness through better collaboration, and extend services to new communities and individuals in need. Moreover, technology can be a powerful force that opens exciting opportunities for nonprofits to better achieve their missions and accelerate their impact.

  40. Aaron Herman says:

    Technology helps enhance the way you connect to each other and showcase your impact. Having just started a new position at the Jewish Federations of North America I am responsible for developing the social media platforms for our missions department and creating meaningful content to showcase the projects we support. I am traveling to Israel in Jan with a group to educate professionals about our projects. Being portable is key and having the right tools is even more important. The Dell XPS 12 will allow me to start may social media and marketing plan out on the right foot. I would utilize the new computer on the trip to make the experience last a life time. Utilizing its versatility I will take pictures video’s on the go and be able to integrate social media at the different sites we are visiting. Additionally, I am doing a presentation on social media on the trip and having this tech would be a wonderful addition to show while I am presenting the importance of real-time engagement.

  41. We are a 501-c-3 club and we have a federal ID tax number. We have a out dated Dell Diminsion 2400 running Windows XP.We are in the process of organizating a youth group within our club. This new computer would greatly inhance our effort to give the youth an opporunity to use the computer for training and learning more about amateur radio. This would serve the total members of our club not just a few. Our youth would be better trained and would be more community orentated in case of a disaster or a local emergency.

  42. Celeste says:

    As part of our global efforts, Days for Girls International trains Ambassadors of Women’s Health, people who go out into rural communities in impoverished communities worldwide to teach about reproductive health, hygiene, and advocate for rape victims to be embraced by communities rather than ostracized and offer washable feminine hygiene options. The effort transforms lives and communities, helping girls to stay in school and stay healthy. This computer system would be sent into the “field” to serve as a visual training platform and allow for stability and flexibility in communication and records keeping when our team is abroad training trainers. There are true limitations to what we have currently been using. This would make a big difference.

  43. Steve Heye says:

    Beginning in January we will be launching a systems analysis project to document our system usage and data flow. In addition, we are in year 1 of a 5 year strategic plan. As a part of these two strategic changes, we are hoping to redefine the way our data is collected, used and shared. One of the challenges we are hoping to solve is how we track when our staff interact with our students . Currently they have to be sure to get back to their desk to enter notes into the system. A laptop with Win 8 and a touchscreen would enable to create web forms that would be quicker and easier to enter notes immediately from anywhere. A mobile solution with full computing capacity is where we like to head to enable our staff to spend more time with the students but still collect needed data.

  44. Kalyn Risker says:

    A new Dell Computer with Windows 8, would make a huge impact in the service delivery of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE). SAFE’ mission is to equip survivors of domestic violence with the financial tools and resources needed to enable women to leave or recover from the economic portion of domestic violence. SAFE has assisted over 720 survivors of domestic violence become financially self-sufficient from abuse in the Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area since 2006 in the areas of Job Seeking, Resume Creation, Interviewing Skills, Customer Service, Personal Finances, Networking and micro-entrepreneurship. Safety planning is a critical component and is integrated into every aspect of our work. In an effort to increase the safety of the participants of our programs, SAFE provides its training at shelters, libraries and other public locations that are accessible for survivors of domestic violence to participate. The need for a new Dell Computer with Windows 8 and other mobile technology is critical to assisting the participants of SAFE programs to successfully transition from abuse. SAFE’s trainers use laptop computers to deliver training presentations, help participants create their resumes, assist with creating participants financial budgets and set up email accounts among other programs. We would also like to begin teaching our participants how to safely market and brand their entrepreneurial endeavors online with blogging and website development. In addition, SAFE’s trainers travel and conduct webinars to train advocates in other programs and state coalitions to strengthen their capacity to assist survivors of domestic violence with economic empowerment initiatives. A new Dell Computer with Windows 8, would also assist with our community service and awareness presentations that is delivered at numerous locations as well as through our website and various social media channels.
    Recently, smoke came from SAFE’s current primary laptop computer, with an earlier version of Windows, when it was powered on. This computer has been used heavily over the last four years and it desperately needs to be replaced. The need for a new Dell Computer with Windows 8, is great for SAFE and it would help many families in the Metropolitan Detroit area to realize their goal to transition away from abuse.
    Thank you so much for your consideration of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE’s) entry in your contest!
    Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE)

  45. Sara Sinnard says:

    Our 15-week leadership program for teenage girls could really use this computer. We have been struggling to engage the girls in social media. Many of our girls have special challenges, such as anxieity, depression, and other life circumstances which makes engaging in school and future goals exxtremely difficult, This intervention program’s goal is to increase engagement in life, school, community and future careers. We recognize the need to engage in social media with participants to extend the learning. Our intern could use this computer to focus this effort, and we could bring it into the group sessions to show the girls the FB page and get them linked into it. We could also discuss how using social media appropriately is important to career goals… This is year three for the program. We have had great success, and we know that social media could be a huge boost to these results!

  46. The nonprofit I work for is called My Father’s House, Inc.The Milwaukee County Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Project is a one stop shop for free programs that provide services for fathers. It is a social service agency. We help fathers, with parenting education, workreadiness, child support, referrals to support services, helathy marriage classes, driver license recovery, veterans assistance and much more. The computer can be used for particpants to apply for jobs, prepare resume/cover letter and set up email accounts. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Season Greetings!!!

  47. No computers in the hands of field workers in Africa here. Simply put… a Dell Ultrabook w. Windows 8 will let us (here at CAMBA in Brooklyn, NY) experiment with a cutting-edge tool–and yes, it’s only a tool–to best deliver our services and programs, and promote our broad-spectrum work, in the fullest way possible. That should be the goal of any nonprofit: to use the best tools available to further a worthy mission.

  48. In our organization, which helps create and sustain successful homeownership, we would benefit from portable technology to take into the field, whether on visits to a client home to discuss their options for renovations and repairs, or for creating mobile counseling sites so that our staff can travel to neighborhoods to meet with clients to help them save their homes from foreclosure. We are very tied to site and desktop machines.

  49. First I would like to thank you for the opportunity to win a new laptop. I am a one-person nonprofit digital communications consultant who works mainly with small to mid-size nonprofits and rural municipalities. I also serve on the board of directors for a community media organization, and as a conservation commissioner for my town. My life work has always had a focus on public service, community engagement and finding the best solutions for small budgets, including my own! This laptop would be put to very good use for the many training workshops I deliver, including integrating Internet technology and social media in nonprofit or municipal government settings. I really appreciate your consideration!

  50. Marshall Adult Education

    I came to the Adult Learning Center last August as a ‘Computer Instructor’…Mr. Fixit was more like it. Even at that, it would be nice to have a computer from this century. I’ve got Office 2010 but only two computers that are compatible with the software. Need all the help we can get. Our job is to train those who are out of work with updated skills for better job opportunities. As the current technology changes our hardware and software needs, as well as social networking, becomes more critical. As most of our funding goes for staff services, there is little left for technology equipment.

    There is no greater social impact on a community or an individual than securing employment. A job promotes financial independence, an increase in self-esteem, improved family harmony, and the creation of a better citizen.