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Speaking Availability Inquiry? If you’re interested in finding out my availability for speaking engagements, please include the date, location, name of the event, audience size, and other important details. If you’d like more information about speaking enagegements, please see:

Interested in a bulk order of one of my books? Let me know the book title and how many copies. I can connect you with my publisher.

Have a general nonprofit marketing question? I do my best to answer questions via email, but depending on the volume, it can sometimes take awhile. If you are OK with me answering your question on my blog or other social media channels like Facebook since other people probably share your same question, please ask your question there. If I can, I’ll answer there; if it requires a longer response, I may turn it into a blog post.

Contacting me about your product or service? If so, please know that I receive many, many press releases and requests each week to review or promote various new products and services. Because of time constraints, I respond to very few. If I’m interested in talking with you, I will contact you. Please do not submit your request multiple times just because I haven’t replied.

Other ways to reach me online besides email:

* Send me a tweet @kanter

* LinkedIn


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