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craigconnects: A Network of Networks

Guest Post

Note from Beth: I’m honored to host a guest post from friend Craig Newmark who is launching a new site, a network of networks.    I”m still recovering from jet lag from the E-Mediat project where I spent time training technology trainers who work with NGOS about the Networked Nonprofit.    We’re living in a connected world, and Craig is going to take where no nerd has gone before.

Announcing craigconnects a guest by Craig Newmark

I just launched a new thing called craigconnects. This is the biggest thing in my life, and I’d like a little help from you. Together, we can work together from the grassroots up to make things better for everyone.

Please check it out at

It’s a long-term effort, not a one-shot deal, we’re talking ongoing support for effective organizations. I’m committing 20 years to craigconnects, focusing first on nonprofits and public service organizations that get stuff done on a sustainable basis.

I’ve been doing this for nonprofits, but much more informally, for maybe 10 years, applying a lot of what I’ve learned doing customer service for craigslist. Now I think it’s time to get deadly serious.

I guess I got myself a “bully pulpit” of sorts that I don’t really want or need, but it’s good for getting the word out about people of good will who get stuff done. It’s a voice for the grassroots, the rank-and-file, for people who never had a voice until now.

My strong gut feeling is that this isn’t altruism, at least not for me, it’s just what feels right. Over time, we can figure out what works, find people who are better than me at this, and persist.

The site’s “Connect with Craig” page is definitely the best way to reach me these days. But first, please know that this site exists primarily to help me connect and protect worthwhile organizations and efforts in certain specific areas I want to support. craigconnects isn’t a fundraising or grant-making organization.

By the way, this is a big project and I’ve needed help with writing, organizing, etc. So if you notice that some stuff doesn’t look like my “style” – well, that’s probably means some of my team had a hand in writing it.

I’d appreciate it if you could help out – here’s a way to start. Take a look at our Featured Nonprofit or any of the other organizations I endorse and consider helping them. If you have others to suggest, contact me through

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