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The Unexpected Benefits From Content Curation

Content Curation

By the time you read this post,  I’ll be somewhere in the air between California and India to facilitate a “Networked NGO” training for NGOs in India that are Packard Foundation grantees.  More about that later.   But I have some exciting news!

My article is the lead story in the June, 2012 NTEN Change Journal!   You can use that link to access the article and subscribe to the journal.

In January of this year,  I predicted that 2012 would be the year of content curation.   I have this habit of talking about ideas and using phrases that people don’t know – so if you’re saying err – what’s that?   The NTEN Journal also includes a terrific introductory article for nonprofits and what content curation is relevant to their work.   Laura Quinn from Idealware shares the results from a reader survey conducted in the last issue about content creation and curation.   There’s a cool infographic included – of course!

I have been doing content curation since I’ve been using the Internet – starting with curating resources on the “gopher” but in the last few years the practice has become more common, although good curation isn’t quite mainstreamed yet.    Yet, when I’ve been out talking to nonprofits about the value of content curation, I was met with strong reactions.   Like someone jumping on a table and screaming “EEK a rat” because the perception that content curation was just mindlessly browsing the Internet and causes information overload.

My article talks about the importance of having your nonprofit staff grow content curation skills.  Good content curation will not only save you from the overwhelming amount of information online, but can help you and your staff work smarter and more efficiently.

Go read it and come join me for an NTEN webinar on the topic to discuss it.  You can register here. (It’s free)

5 Responses

  1. Annaliese says:

    Thanks, Beth, for contributing this article to this issue — of course it’s the cover story!

    I’m always amazed with how many tips and ideas that you manage to pack in to your articles — there’s always at least one thing I can take away *today* and start putting into practice immediately.

    And you seem to be so right about this being the year of content curation!

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  3. Beth says:

    Thanks Annaliese, honored to contribute to NTEN Journal

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