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Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief


Hurricane Sandy has crippled the East Coast is this morning’s New York Time’s headline.    But the story is personal for me.   I grew up in Atlantic City and my parents still live in the house they’ve owned for over 50 years.    Both elderly, they evacuated, although my father is in the hospital (not storm related) so they are safe, dry, and have power.   We have no idea about the damage to the house, but coming through social channels, I found photos of my hometown, including the one above of the CVS near their house.


You can only look at the photos for so long before you want to do something.   Craig Newmark is matching the next $25,000 in donations for Sandy Relief over at Crowdrise.    You can donate or start your own campaign to help out.   Network for Good also has a page up of charities fundraising for Sandy Relief.   You can also text SANDY to 80888 to make a $10 donation to be evenly distributed among the American Red Cross, AmeriCares and the Salvation Army.

To everyone on the East Coast impacted by Sandy, stay safe!

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with your elderly parents and all those who have been affected by the storm. I can’t imagine the fear and apprehension before, and the efforts it will take to normalize afterward.

  2. Dianna Ott says:

    Hi Beth,
    Presbyterians who want to help can also text the letters “PDA” to 20222 to give $10 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Help is already on the ground there with counselors, clean up kits and volunteer work teams are now being recruited. More info at


  3. I helped and blogged about it:

    Trusted Friends Triggered my Donation to American Red Cross for #Sandy via Social Media

  4. Beth says:

    Steve: Thank you so much!! You can also set up your own fundraiser – I did that here ..

  5. Jane Leonard says:

    Beth, it is only when you read personal stories that the true impact of the storm hits home. I hope your parents are well.
    I will make my donation at Crowdwise

  6. Jackie Rodgers-Hart says:


    the photos of the city brought tears to my eyes and pain in my stomach for those affected by the storm. You see, I grew up in Atlantic City, too. I moved my Mother here to DC 7 years ago, but I still have friends and their families there. I don’t visit as much as I use too, but homecomings are always enjoyed. I will keep your family in my prayers as I pray for all that were impacted by this storm!

    I’d like to talk with at your convenience. Send me an email and I will forward my number.

  7. Beth says:

    Hi Jackie: Wow, so many folks who have ties to the JZ shore. Thank you for your kind words.

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  9. Eziaku Ezinne Nwachukwu says:

    Iam in Mexico now , pls how can i render my little help?

  10. Jennifer says:

    As heartbreaking as Hurricane Sandy is, I enjoyed reading this blog because it put a face to a tragedy. Reading about a personal story of how this hurricane has affected someone and seeing the pictures is the best way to get people to sympathize and help out. Thank you for posting this!

  11. Joyce Barron says:

    In the aftermath of Sandy we are extremely disappointed in the failure of the President, Vice President and democratic leadership to assist citizens of the first state in recovering from Sandy. We are asking for help for one business that will be returned many times over in the form of jumpstarting the economy of Kent County Delaware. We started a small business sept first in woodland beach delaware with the goal of restoring tourism to kent county and create badly needed jobs. For a history of the area visit Many people locally have not worked in years and it’s not uncommon to have over a hundred apply for one cashier job. Our goal is to act as responsible stewards if a unique unspoiled area and preserve history while conserving wetlands for the future. In eight weeks we cleaned up years of trash, tripled tourism and reduced crime by 95%. We partnered with a group to restore oyster beds and spent time and money attracting larger fish with great results. This is a place an hour from wilmington where bald eagles nest, muskrats swim and you can explore sunken ships at low tide. The thousands if acres of protected wetlands minimized surges but loss of roof and walls allowed a foot and a half of rain in. for forty years residents have had to drive eighr miles for basic essentials including drinking water. We established a small general store to serve them and tourists and planned a diner, wedding chapel, b&b, and classroom space. The classroom space would be used to teach adults boat building/repair skills, further history and conservation learning, and provide exposure to native american culture. We have permission to add a dock which will allow boat rentals, facilitate use of the ramp already there and create tour boat opportunities. We believe in accessible outdoor experience and wanted to offer adaptive fishing and hunting gear on loan to our wounded heroes. We are on a pre sale agreement and could not purchase insurance till closing. Now the seller refuses to honor the contract to pay for damages and no federal aid is available. A century if sand was lost from the public beach but delaware law prohibits replenishment spending north of the tourist traps. We desperately need help which will allow us to continue building a model public access area in harmony with the environment. A single investment of 250,000 will allow rebuilding and generate up to a million dollars a month in a region with high unemployment. Our website is and we have Please help us continue the momentum to restore hope to a beautiful town of small year round residences. Also many nearby fishing piers were destroyed and this will keep angler spending as an important part if delawares economy