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How To Facilitate Leadership Development In Your Nonprofit As Part of Doing the Work


One of the biggest challenges that many nonprofits face is the finding time and resources for professional development activities.   People are so busy doing the work that they don’t have time to go off-site to take a class or sign up for an online course.   And, when nonprofits budgets are tight, professional development often gets slashed.

When there is time for an investment in professional development for younger leaders, there is the added challenge of reaching “distracted learners.” While eager to learn, they may be overwhelmed, distracted, impatient, and likely to be not tethered to a physical location or computer desktop. They are also learning how to access professional and personal networks to get answers to their questions.   This requires designing professional development designed as “micro-lessons.”

Welcome to the world of “Modern Workplace Learning” as defined by my colleague Jane Hart as “learning that happens in many ways at, through, and for work and empowers learners to take charge.”   This type of learning is part of doing the work, it is “grab and go,” can be implemented as individual practice or used as part of managing a group or team of people.

For the past year, I’ve been collaborating with Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, with generous support from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, to create a leadership training resource for emerging nonprofit leaders that infuses the distinct values, mindsets, and interests of today’s emerging leaders. The Emerging Leaders Playbook was curated with this in mind. It also includes a toolkitwith simple, grab and go learning activities that emerging leaders can do AS PART OF doing their work.

Join Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies and me on May 2nd for a FREE webinar. Together with social sector leaders from across the country, you’ll take a deeper dive into the content of the Emerging Leaders Playbook and get a first hand look at some practical tools you can use to implement with your team immediately.

  • Explore the Emerging Leaders Playbook and learn the practical application it can have on your work
  • Test out new tools and practices to help strengthen your skills – from leading effective meetings to mastering learning agility
  • Gain tips on how to facilitate sessions that will strengthen professional development across your teams and organization

Whether you’re managing emerging leaders or are one yourself, find the tools and resources to sharpen your professional development and apply it the real world.  Register now!



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