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Facebook Apps and Book Giveaway

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One of the great things about the Nonprofit Technology Conference is that you get to connect with colleagues. I ran into John Haydon who helped me with my new Facebook brand page.   He presented me with a copy of new book, Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

As a nonprofit technology trainer,  I have to keep up to date on a lot of topics, including Facebook.    While I curate a lot of information online, I also still appreciate the printed word – either on paper or as an e-book.    It is always good to have a place to start to read up on a topic before searching online.     John’s book takes you through the technical and practical aspects of marketing on Facebook, particularly brand pages.

One topic I’ve been researching is the answer to this Facebook question, “What free or low cost apps are there for nonprofit brand pages?”   So, I immediately jumped to Chapter 6, “Enhancing Your Facebook Page with Applications.”  Here’s what I learned:

  • There are hundreds and thousands of Facebook apps designed to add a specific functionality to your brand page to help customize it.
  • Facebook apps are mostly displayed and contained with a separate tab on your page – and have many features.
  • There are third-party developers who sell apps for business purposes, some offer freebies:  Wildfire, Parachure,Involver, Buddy Media, and Tab Site
  • AppBistro is the Yelp of Facebook apps – they’re rated and reviewed – if you want to search for a specific functionality – it is a good place to browse.

A short list of recommended apps for marketing Facebook Pages:

YouTube Video app:  If you have an active Nonprofit YouTube Channel, you might want to share those videos on your Facebook page automatically by creating tab for your channel.    The best app is from Involver.  Here’s some easy install instructions.

Networked Blogs app: If your organization is generating content on a blog, the Networked Blogs App lets you automatically post to your page.   I’ve been using this app for my blog posts to share on my Facebook page and referral traffic on my blog has increased, although I’ve noticed that these posts generate less interaction on Facebook than others types of FB content.

Twitter: There are two different apps to integrate Twitter.  Twitter App automatically re-posts your tweets in your Facebook Page status. A big time-saver, but may be boring for your audience if use Twitter a lot, or if your Twitter content is different from your FB page focus.   Selective Tweets allows to you to selectively post a status update on your Facebook Page from Twitter simply by adding the hashtag “#fb”.

Survey Apps: Doing polls and quick surveys are great ways to engage your audience and there are apps for that.  Poll Daddy Polls does simple polls (yes / no, three choices). This app also has a sharing element to it: As soon as a user votes, they are given a choice to share their vote with their friends.   If you use survey monkey, they also have a Facebook App.

Sweepstakes Applet: If you considering running a contest, GOSO’s Sweepstakes applet makes it easy to manage

Woobox: Woobox has a suite of apps that let you create custom tabs with a range of functionality – some free, some paid.   When I asked my fans for suggestion, this app was frequently suggested.

ShortStack: When I was looking for an app that could build custom tags for my Facebook Page, John recommended shortstack – I wanted more a customized look – and features and while shortstack isn’t free, it isn’t expensive – and very easy to use for someone who isn’t very technical (me).

And, of course, nonprofits will want to consider adding a social fundraising app like Causes

John’s cautions about apps:

  • Less can be more:  Too many apps can be distracting and drive people away.
  • Nothing is permanent: You can try out for free and remove them if they don’t work.

Additional Reading About Apps

John Haydon, 13 Essential Apps for Your Facebook Page
Social Media Today, 23 Essential Business AppsSocial Examiner, 75 Facebook Apps
Mari Smith, The Big List of Apps

Is your nonprofit using FB apps in a creative way?  Please share in the comments and you could win a copy of John’s book.


19 Responses

  1. Miki Tamura says:

    This is very interesting! I am currently researching how health-nonprofits are utilizing social media and how to specifically use certain apps is good for me to think about as I analyze nonprofit social networking sites!

  2. Great round-up. Just yesterday I added my first app to one of my pages (http://Facebook.com/amparents). It was the Woobox Pinterest app. Works like a charm. And installing? It was so easy, I’m ashamed of myself.

  3. Georgia Geis says:

    Hi I just started my job in January. I’m just finishing a new website that should be launched this week! Our facebook page needs work. We only have 11 likes. I don’t even think that the board has all “liked” our page. I’m going to really market our FB page once the website is there to support. So really we are not doing anything creative just breaking in I guess. Thank you so much for your insightful blog.

  4. Kellie de Leon says:

    How interesting! I’m currently researching ways that apps could help facilitate a deeper engagement for client’s upcoming fall campaigns. Would love to see an app developed that allows donors to try to navigate hunger and homelessness issues to facilitate deeper understanding of the core issues.

  5. John Haydon says:

    Beth – thank you so much for blogging about the book! It looks like perfect timing for some folks. 🙂

  6. Jon says:

    Yes. I work for a small non profit company and we recently hired a full time social media person. It is vital to growing your company in this day and age. You need someone who can see the big picture of social media and how all the different channels work together to bring GOOD PR to your company. Don’t let any one tell you social media isn’t VITAL to having a successful marketing strategy.

  7. Frank says:

    Great post Beth. John is a great guy to know. While I haven’t met him face to face yet I have garnered a lot of knowledge from his various sites. Thanks for letting me know about his book.


  8. John Haydon says:

    @Frank – Thanks for the kind words!

  9. Gui Hom says:

    Thanks Beth for such dedication on helping us (nonprofits) out! And I can definitely second Frank about John!! Way to go and thank you!!!..

  10. Dane says:

    A little intimidated by apps to be honest with you, but this post helps reduce my jitters. Thanks!

  11. audrey says:

    wish we were, I think I’m also in the intimidated category.

  12. mindi says:

    No, not so much intimidated as figure they won’t work well. Maybe when/if we have more likes…..

  13. Brenda says:

    We want to start a facebook page for our library, but are having a hard time knowing just where to start. This app information was great!

  14. Sarah says:

    I’ve been finding the Facebook Timeline for Brand pages to be completely baffling, despite the research! I might have to go buy that book and sit down with it for a while. We’re trying to get our community more involved with the Facebook page, but it hasn’t been very successful thus far. Here’s hoping for some improvement through the spring!

  15. Lisa says:

    What we find frustrating is that as soon as we have the FB page set up, looking how we want, it seems another change it thrown our way. With no designated ‘social media person’ on staff, it is hard to both stay engaged with members and visitors on the page, AND stay ahead of the changes so the page always looks great.

  16. This is such a useful post Beth. I love your posts, because they’re the perfect combo of curated content with the addition of your special expertise, wisdom and perspective. Thanks for being part of the sector!

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  18. Beth Kanter says:

    At Claire, thanks for the kind words, but also John Haydon’s book was a great read .. very useful

    I found this great resource of additional apps


  19. Debi P says:

    Beth – you always have such great curated information. Thanks so much!