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Social Media Advice in Fortune Cookies

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Flickr Photo by Beth Kanter

I’ve been experimenting with posting different types of content and engagement techniques on my Facebook Page this past month based on what the research says about increasing engagement.  This week, the post that got the most conversation was a playful and visual one.    Using the photo above,  I asked people to share their best social media advice as a fortune in a fortune cookie.   I also posted off hours.

They were clever, funny, and great social media advice!   Here’s a few.

“Find your tribe, learn the language and have some fun. “- Robin Stephenson

“Listen to learn, and engage to empower…success will follow.” – Ana-Marie Jones ‎

“Appreciate your fans and they will appreciate you.” Sally Reed

“Invest in failure first leads to big success sooner.” Rebecca Krause-Hardie

“You will find success when you turn attention to others.” Wendy Harman

“Share and you will be rewarded.” Kristen Parrinello

“You are generous to your followers who notice and share their wisdom with you.”  Brenda Young

“Less brand, more impact.”  Elliot Harmon

“The more generous you are, the more you will receive.”  Debra Askanase

“Tweet at 3am.” Esteban Contreras

‎”Don’t feel you need to enter every channel without a reason for being there.” Kathryn Ananda

“The personal, fun touches make it worthwhile and valuable for supporters.” Jack Fundly

What posts on FB or Tweets most engaged your audience this month?  Why?   And, if you have some social media advice in the form of a fortune cookie, please add it in the comments below.


9 Responses

  1. I heard an interview yesterday with a social media expert (name unknown), who couldn’t emphasize enough that Facebook is truly for listening, more than for marketing and fundraising. Her four rules for what people should do with their organization’s Facebook page(s) are… Listen, Learn, Care, Service.

  2. Beth says:

    David: That’s exactly how I use my FB page – it is a research channel, a giant focus group – that helps figure out content for this blog! And mroe importantly, understand what questions nonprofits are having about embracing new media

  3. Marc Goldring says:

    Why do my fortune cookie fortunes come up with things like: you will live long and eat many fortune cookies…

  4. “Tweet at 3am.” Funny!

  5. jjenkins says:

    I read your post just after reading a post from Social Earth about young technology innovators and creating a culture of empathy. These fortune cookie messages is a great concept for helping to create this culture of empathy. Someone could create a social enterprise around this idea.

  6. Greg Meyer says:

    “Help – I’m trapped inside of the Internet Factory” 😉

  7. Susan Stewart says:

    Our longest and most active conversations were around our dogs! People who never posted before shared photos and stories of their dogs…in response to a posting about my silly puppy. I think this is especially important for people who are not comfortable sharing online…it creates a gateway that is not threatening.

  8. Ashley Mssick says:

    “Get excited about and motivated by the small accomplishments.”

    I never cease to be amazed how I am still giddy when our organization has a post on Facebook that a drives good discussion or encourages others.

  9. Kristen Parrinello says:

    Sorry, I’m so late to the party. Thanks for including my fortune, Beth. This was fun!