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A Free Agent at Davos!

Digital Strategy

Shawn Ahmed, Free Agent and founder of the Uncultured Project,  has been invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he will meet with business leaders and heads of state.    This year, Shawn’s video was selected from over 100 covering a wide range of topics and debates, to participate in the meetings.   A big congrats to Shawn!

He will talk about his work — and the whole notion of free agents working with NGOs as highlighted in our book, The Networked Nonprofit.

Shawn has gotten quite a bit of press in hometown newspapers in Toronto.    Today, I got a called from a reporter from a newspaper who wanted to know how I first connected with Shawn.  I first encountered Shawn back in 2008 during the annual Blog Action Day.   That year, the focus was on global poverty.   I wrote a post about his work, describing his work as a free agent.  Here’s the post.

It is fantastic to see that nearly three years later, this free agent has been invited to talk about his work with world leaders at Davos.    If you can’t make it Davos,  you can hear Shawn as part of my NTC panel in March.

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