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This Week on Beth’s Blog: Stronger Grantmaking, Stronger Nonprofits, Stronger Results

Guest Post

This week before I leave for the Middle East,   I will have the honor of presenting at the Grantmakers For Effective Organization’s Conference in Seattle.    I am doing a session called “Learning in Public” with Kathy Reich, Packard Foundation and Jared Raynor, TCC Group.   Stay tuned for a blog post about it.

The GeoFunders National Conference takes place from March 12-14th.   The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results. GEO’s 2012 National Conference will offer a range of perspectives and new ideas for smarter grantmaking that leads to better results and present opportunities for participants to learn from the wisdom and experience of their peers. Session topics include:

  • Supporting Effectiveness sessions explore how grantmakers can improve practices to build grantee capacity and better support nonprofit sustainability.
  • Evaluation and Learning sessions help grantmakers and their partners better use evaluation to foster learning and make real-time improvements in their work.
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving sessions focus on how grantmaker can best partner with other funders, grantees, corporations and government agencies to solve problems and grow impact.
  • Scaling Impact sessions offer strategies and knowledge about how we can help nonprofits achieve better and more results.
  • Networking sessions allow for peer interaction and connections to help you turn learning into action.

The conference is sold out and if you want to keep up with all the ideas coming out of the conference, you can follow the discussion on Facebook, Twitter (use #2012GEO, the official twitter hashtag).   Better yet,  I’m hosting a small mob of guest bloggers from different foundations and organizations who will be writing guest post to share the ideas about flowing out the conference.   Special thanks to awesome guest bloggers who will be covering these important topics over the next week on my blog:

Special thanks to the following members of the conference social media team for their contributions:

  • Aaron Dorfman, Executive Director, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
  • Adene Sacks, Senior Program Officer, Jim Joseph Foundation
  • Albert Ruesga, President and CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation
  • Annie Hernandez, Program Officer, The Lumpkin Family Foundation
  • Barbara Kibbe, COO, Foundation
  • Carla Javits, President, REDF
  • Carrie Avery, President, The Durfee Foundation
  • Cindy Rizzo, Senior Director, Grantmaking and Evaluation, Arcus Foundation
  • Darin McKeever, Deputy Director, Charitable Sector Support, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • David Colby, Vice President, Research and Evaluation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Dave Doig, Director of Grants and Community Initiatives, Vancouver Foundation
  • David Greco, Vice President, Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • Efrain Gutierez, Associate, FSG
  • Eugene Kim, Co-Founder, Groupaya
  • Gale Berkowitz, Director, Evaluation and Learning, The MasterCard Foundation
  • Gigi Barsoum, Consultant, Barsoum Policy Consulting
  • Jessica Bearman, Bearman Consulting
  • Jim Coutre, Partner, The Philanthropic Initiative
  • Kathy Reich, Director of Organizational Effectiveness Grantmaking, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Kimberly St. John-Stevenson, Communications Officer, Saint Luke’s Foundation
  • Linda Wood, Program Director, Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund
  • Mary Kaplan, Interim President, Endowment for Health
  • Molly Martin, Director of Organizational Learning and Alignment, Lumina Foundation
  • Paul Connolly, Chief Client Services Officer, TCC Group
  • Paul Shoemaker, Executive Connector, SVP Seattle
  • Peter Laugharn, Executive Director, Firelight Foundation
  • Phil Buchanan, President, The Center for Effective Philanthropy
  • Rafael Lopez, Associate Director, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Roberto Cremonini, Principal, Cremonini Consulting
  • Roshan Paul, Senior Change Manager, Ashoka
  • Sacha Litman, Managing Director, Measuring Success
  • Stefan Lanfer, Knowledge Officer, Barr Foundation
  • Suzanne Walsh, Senior Program Officer, Postsecondary Success, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Teri Behrens, Director of Special Projects and Editor-in-Chief of The Foundation Review, Johnson Center for Philanthropy
  • Tom Kelly, Associate Director for Evaluation, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Vicki Rosenberg, Vice President Education, Communications and External Relations, Council of Michigan Foundations
  • Victoria Dunning, Vice President for Programs, The Global Fund for Children
  • Victoria Vrana, Senior Program Officer, Charitable Sector Support, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Learn what granmakers are learning about stronger nonprofits and stronger results.

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