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Who is Behind the Nonprofit Hulk Twitter Account?

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That’s the tweet that showed up in my Twitter stream last week and yes, it caught my attention.  Hulk (fill in the blank) Twitter accounts are popping up all over Twitter, the latest Twitter meme.   There’s Feminist Hulk, Buddhist Hulk, and many more.   They Tweet in ALL CAPS, spewing HULK wisdom of their particular field.  The HULK meme has many variations and spotted easily on many social media channels like pinterest and YouTube to name a few.

NONPROFIT HULK must be hanging out or working with communications professionals or foundations, because his or her tagline is: “HULK THEORY OF CHANGE: SMASH. HULK STRATEGIC.”   If you look at the hilarious Tweets,  they reveal a deep knowledge of the nonprofit lingo and practitioners in social media, nonprofit technology, communications, and philanthropy:


I was curious, so I asked around on Facebook “Who Is Hulk?”   I thought it might be Compasspoint because the first tweet was this:

Nelson Layag from Compasspoint says it wasn’t him (and many other nonprofit folks say they’re too busy to have fun) although with Nonprofit Hulk tweeting all caps about dogooders and world domination, there are some theories about who NONPROFIT HULK might be …

If you want a good laugh this summer, follow NONPROFIT HULK.


8 Responses

  1. NONPROFIT HULK may have a friend…@FAKEGRIMLOCK a recent guest on @pistachio ‘s #BeOnFire Monday evening twitter chat…interesting tones very similar…:) hilarious. b/c real…:)

  2. I’ve been laughing all week. Humor (esp. smart humor) always welcome!

  3. Love it. I wonder how Nonprofit Hulk fundraises to sustain his nonprofit? What kinds of programs and services he’s into?

  4. I wonder if the success of the Fake Grimlock account inspired these.

  5. Beth says:

    Mike and Tre – there are a lot of variations on the HULK meme out there. Check out the HULK Feminist – it’s pretty funny.

  6. […] HULK BROKE LADDER OF ENGAGEMENT. HULK TOO HEAVY. @kanter @NTENorg — NONPROFIT HULK (@NONPROFITHULK) July 20, 2012 That's the tweet that showed up in my Twitter stream last week and yes, it caught my attention.  […]

  7. Daniel Schutzsmith says:

    It could be more than one person from more than one org handling it.

  8. John Lepp says:

    Fundaising hulk is pretty much awesome…