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My Perfect Smartphone: Not An iPhone


My Best Buy Recommendation Sheet

You might have read this New York Times article “Apple’s Ban of In-App Donations To Charities” which outlines this nuanced issue or one of the numerous nonprofit blog posts or articles that appeared in the technology trade.    That’s why I am ditching my iPhone in protest.    If you think Apple  should consider changing their in-app donation to charities policy,  sign this online petition.   You’ll join over 5,000 people who are sending a message to Steve Jobs to care about our great nonprofits.

I still have one year left on my iPhone/AT&T contract, so I called AT&T customer service to find out how much I’ll owe if I break my contract and the logistics of closing my account.  I will have a pay a nominal fee, but I don’t care.    The customer service representative asked why I was unable with the iPhone and I let her know,  recommending she include the link to the New York Times piece in my file.     I have until December 27th to terminate my contract, select a more nonprofit friendly phone, and toss my iPhone.

I queried my friends on Facebook and Twitter and to my surprise, I learned that many of my nonprofit techie friends are Android fans!  For example,  Amy Sample Ward highly recommended the Droid X on Verizon.   My colleagues, Andy Sternberg and Zoetica business partners Kami Huyse, and Geoff Livingston suggested that I consider the Sprint EVO 4G .   I also learned about Creedo Mobile, a socially responsible mobile provider.

Over the weekend, I braved the holiday crowds and spent some time putting my hands on the recommended mobile phones at  Best Buy the same place where I purchased my iPhone a year ago.   I told the sales person exactly why my perfect mobile phone was NOT an iPhone (see video).   She  was very helpful and walked me through comparisons of the  phones I was considering and the different plans from providers.

Original Photo by Joi Ito

Our online petition has over 5,000 signatures. That means over 5,000 people have sent a message to Steve Jobs to let him know that they are not happy about how difficult it is to iGive on the iPhone.  I have not heard anything from Apple or have no idea if they are listening, but I did get a call from someone at Microsoft encouraging me to look at the Windows 7 Phone.

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  1. Ari Herzog says:

    I can’t relate as I’ve never owned an iPhone nor cared to have one, but on the notion of getting rid of a smartphone I’m aligned — for I’m in the process of ditching my 2-year-old BlackBerry because of 1) I don’t need the applications anymore, and 2) It costs so darned much.

    I am currently experimenting with the Straight Talk provider, which offers prepaid plans that are half the cost of VZW with the caveat you buy one of their phones. If a CDMA phone, it bounces off VZW’s towers anyway.

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  3. Beth says:

    Ari: Check out Creedo Mobile – you might like what they do

  4. Ari Herzog says:

    I checked out Credo. I like their mission, but their prices are too damned expensive.

    They charge $60 a month for 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, unlimited in-network CREDO-to-CREDO calling, and unlimited nights and weekends (Monday-Thursday 9 p.m. –7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Monday).

    They also require a 2-year contract.

    Whereas a lot of the prepaid monthly plans from Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, etc. offer lower monthly costs for more features.

  5. How easy is it to make donations on other platforms. Has anyone done a comparision? Is Apple noticably worse?

    I don’t get why more non-profits don’t make mobile versions of their websites that are easier to use and easier to donate with. While I’d like to see Apple make it as easy as possible to accept donations on the iPhone, I’m not ditching my iPhone over this. I’d personally never make a donation decision based on a mobile app.

    All said, I’m quite intriqued to find out how Apple responds to this and how its rivals respond to this. This is not good press.

  6. Ed Healy says:

    I’ll be interested in hearing which phone and provider you choose, as I’m currently shopping for an iPhone replacement myself.

  7. Although I am not presently at the mercy of a company like Apple am also shopping for a new Android Phone, one that is combatable with my current service provider Version. Not a fan of Apple. I am not really into learning everything about phones so I rely on advice from other trusted people. I have asked my tech focused friends for advice and searched a bit online. The folks have for the most part recommended buying the DROID Pro or the DROID X they mostly use the DROID PRO and they are happy and it’s very compatible with exchange syncing. Syncing saves me so much time. I looked at the reviews on the Version site and they were 4.5 of 5 stars with 3,467 reviews for the X and 4 stars with only 97 reviews for the pro losing .5 for battery life. I am not sure it’s the most economical answer but a highly related Android Phone with the capabilities I need all seem to point to the DROID X or pro for version users. At this point I am leaning towards the DROID X. Has anyone had any experience with these phones?


  8. Rob Wu says:

    Sprint was ranked by consumer reports as having the best and cheapest plans. They have a few Android phones like the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic — which have gotten awesome reviews. At Verizon, the HTC Incredible is a great pocket sized phone.

    With all of these Android phones, the UI isn’t as intuitive, but it gives you a whole lot more control of your phone. As such, the hope is that it will promote donations to non-profits!

  9. Beth says:

    Patrick: Other platforms, like the Android do not have these issues. See this piece by Jake Shapiro

  10. Johanna says:

    Hey Beth,
    Just want to say I’m glad you’re doing this. I’ve disliked the non-charitable direction of the Apple corp for a long time, so this latest inews doesn’t surprise me in the least. I skipped the iphone and waited for the Motorola Droid (in rural New England my only options are AT&T or Verizon). I’ve had my Droid a year and I love it. I’m typing on it right now. Because I can. 😉
    Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you get.

  11. Kara says:

    I have had the Evo4G since they came out in May and I’ve been VERY happy with it. We’ve been with Sprint for years and this is my first smart phone. Texting, email, FB, videocamera, navigation, tons of handy apps.

  12. Tri says:

    Nexus S will be available from Best Buy 12/16. It’s a “pure Google” phone running Gingerbread, or Android 2.3, the very latest version (“Pure Google” means no carrier modifications to the OS, so you are guaranteed to get new versions of the OS quickly). Plans from T-Mobile, but is an unlocked phone so you can take it abroad and put any SIM in it. If you need an Android phone before year’s end, I strongly consider this one.

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  14. mattyohe says:

    Have you actually tried emailing Jobs? You know he often personally responds.

    Also, I hope you realize that this isn’t just a flip of a switch that you’re asking Apple to perform. Apple is quite literally inventing this new mobile platform and this whole new area of commerce, trying to figure it out as they go. And, why does moving to Android solve your problems? Yes, Google maintains a completely unregulated app store, but are there donation apps there now?

    While I understand your concern, I hope you’ve at least considered the notion that this isn’t something they can just do on a whim.

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  16. This isn’t necessarily a substantive comment, but I just wanted to say that it is AWESOME that you told the woman on the phone to include a link to the article in your file. Yay for consumer power! Apple was also recently completely unresponsive to protests about an app from a hate group and the selling of white power music on iTunes (here’s a link to some of that controversy: I hope you’re enjoying your new phones!

  17. Awww, this is sad. We can only give a little and the iPhone is our opportunity. But on the other side, Perhaps there’s a tweak on the no-profit app developers. Perhaps it’s a modus operandi for them to earn, that’s why, Steve Jobs cut that off.

  18. Virg says:

    What about the purchases you made in the iTunes store? Hope for Haiti or songs for Japan for example? Do you not see a danger in the most profitable app store being targeted by scam artists fronting as charities?

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