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#kantersea: Data, Transparency, and Measurement In Seattle


I’m in Seattle for a couple days doing a round of “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,”  events to talk about measurement, data, and impact, generously sponsored by Microsoft.     I started the day with a “Beth, Book, and Bagels” event hosted by Pyramid Communications, followed by a lunch talk at the Microsoft Campus hosted by Microsoft Global Citizenship Team.   The day ended with a curated conversation on “Data, Transparency, and Impact” facilitated by the amazing Erica Mills and with  Jane Meseck (Microsoft), Paul Shoemaker (Social Venture Partners) and Eric Stowe (Splash). They crowdsourced questions that we discussed and then we opened it up for audience q/a.  Colleagues Zan McColloch-Lussier and Peter Drury managing the back channel, the Twitter was rich with almost 1,000 tweets and the hashtag #kantersea trended locally.     I pulled together a curated collection of the best tweets on storify, but here are a few tweets that resonated. Defining Impact

Advice for Nonprofits To Get Started with Measurement

#KanterSEA @paulshoesvp says “Just because you think it is difficult to get data – or can’t do it perfectly – STILL do it!” — Peter Drury (@seattledrury) February 11, 2013

Transparency and Measurement

The Failure Bow

Funding Measurement

Update:   Here’s the Video

Data, Transparency and Impact: A curated conversation with Beth Kanter, Jane Meseck, Paul Shoemaker and Eric Stowe from Tenacious Ventures on Vimeo.

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  2. This was a very interesting discussion – What should be measured, what can be measured, how to do it, how much to do, what is meaningful. It was also interesting to hear some competing voices that drew out questions that were not all answered. I think one of the biggest points for me was that an evaluation expert/department/staff member and funding for such person.

    So glad to see you in person, Beth, for the first time! You are terrific!

    I’m looking forward to seeing more from that discussion.

  3. Beth says:

    Beth: Thanks so much for participating in the discussion! I learned a lot! I was particularly interested in the idea of proxy data.

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