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Lucy Bernholz Named Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation


The David and Lucile Packard Foundation announced today that Lucy Bernholz will join the Foundation as a Visiting Scholar effective fall 2013 and through 2014.   A thought leader in the intersection of philanthropy, law, policy, and technology, Bernholz writes about the business of giving in books, articles, and her award-winning blog,    She is working on her second book, tentatively titled, The Future of Good.   As a Visiting Scholar, Bernholz will advance the Foundation’s literacy on a range of issues, particularly digital civil society, open data, and social good.   She will be working with the Foundation’s multiple grantmaking programs on myriad projects.

In 2011, Bernholz sold her consulting firm, Blueprint Research & Design, Inc. Since then, she has served as a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society where she co-leads the Digital Civil Society Lab.  She will continue in this role in addition to her work with the Packard Foundation.

For over a decade, the Foundation has sponsored visiting scholars with areas of expertise ranging from public and reproductive health to the interaction of philanthropy and social media. This program provides experts the intellectual resources of the Foundation, while providing the Foundation the benefits of access to practitioners conducting cutting edge research.    I was honored to serve as a Visiting Scholar from 2009-2013 where I co-authored two books,  The Networked Nonprofit with Allison Fine and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit with KD Paine.

But over and beyond my own projects,  the experience of being a Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation gave me the opportunity to design and deliver a myriad of capacity building projects for literally hundreds of Packard Grantees over the past four years.  This was an incredible learning experience to delve deeply into different capacity building models — master classes, workshops, hybrid models, and peer learning – from the ground up.    I will be continuing my work as a Master Trainer for nonprofits, working on different capacity building projects for grantees of Foundations, including Packard Foundation and Knight Foundation and others.


3 Responses

  1. Thank you Beth for this lovely note. I am so excited for this opportunity and to continue to learn from and perhaps build on, in some ways, the work you and the Foundation have been doing.

  2. Jeff Jackson says:

    As one of the lucky beneficiaries of your Visiting Scholar work at the Packard Foundation, I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve shared that learning with many others. Thank you Beth.

    Welcome Lucy. I look forward to more learning. Foundation grantees are so very lucky to have access to scholars like you and Beth.


  3. Beth says:

    Thanks JEff for your kind words – I’ve learned some much too – it was the magic of the past four years – learning and teaching.