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Announcing Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Book

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Keo Savon, the young Cambodian woman supported by Measuring Networked Nonprofit book royalties

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my second book, “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit:Using Data to Change the World,” with co-author and measurement goddess KD Paine.     The book is about how nonprofits can measure and improve results from leveraging their networks.   The frameworks and tips we outlined were field tested in real-time as part of my work as Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation with 60 of their grantees who participated in a peer learning/focuss group and contributed many of the case studies.

The book also has a social good purpose.  I am donating my royalties to support the Sharing Foundation‘s college education program for young people in Cambodia.  My family is sponsoring Keo Savon, who we met this summer in Cambodia.  She is second year engineering student and by supporting her education she will have better economic opportunities.     By purchasing a book, you will not only help your nonprofit improve its program impact, but you will changing the lives for young people in Cambodia.

I’m blessed that I am able to combine my passion for teaching nonprofits how to embrace networking for social change results with my desire to make the work a better place.    As many of you already know,  I have been raising money for a decade for the Sharing Foundation that supports young people in Cambodia.   I’ve done this through social media, winning some of the early online fundraising contests.    I also donated my share of the royalties from my first book, The Networked Nonprofit, to support the Sharing Foundation’s college education fund.   The money went to support students like Maneth, an IT major who now teaches computer lessons in the orphanage where my children lived.

We are honored to have Laura Arrillaga-Andreeseen, Author of Giving 2.0, write the foreword and it articulates from the donor perspective why nonprofits need to embrace measurement and learning.

I could not have written this book alone, especially as a reformed measurement phobic.   KD Paine taught me the joy that is measurement.     We were also lucky to have a talented editor, William T. Paarlberg, who guided us in the polishing and revising stage and who made go through a 10-draft revision process for each chapter.   We had an all-star team of nonprofit, philanthropy, and measurement experts as peer reviewers who helped make the book more useful.

To help those who need to learn to laugh at measurement, not fear it, I commissioned Rob Cottingham to create cartoons that capture the essence of each chapter’s advice.   (There were numerous times when I snorted my latte from laughing so hard!).   The early reviews are starting to come in and like these two from Simon Mainwaring and Geri Stengel capture the essence of the book.

October is book launch month with events taking place in across the country.  Check the web site to find an event near you or use the contact form to suggest one in your city.

  • Buy a Copy of the Measuring the Networked Nonprofit
  • Attend a Book Event this month as part of our book tour
  • Share of photo of yourself with the book on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #netnon
  • Stay tuned to our blogs as we share more stories about how nonprofits apply the advice in the book and I’ll keep you posted on Keo Savon’s studies

Thank you so much!

7 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Went to pre-order, but no e-book! Do you know if one is on the way? Really looking forward to the full read!

  2. Beth says:

    Andrew: It will be available Oct 9th and will announce on the blog!

  3. Andrew says:

    super fantastic!

  4. Geri says:

    Ordered the book last month and am counting down the days!

    If it is anything like your first book, this will be a beneficial guide for any Nonprofit!

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